Getting Enough New Dental Patients For Growth?

Across the country the average naturally occurring attrition rate is somewhere between 15-20% – so right now, no matter how successful you are at retaining patients, you’re losing core business regularly. And that’s just natural attrition … you could be losing even more revenue opportunity because your marketing plan isn’t firing on all cylinders or you’re not tracking performance metrics to clearly identify where improvements can be made. That’s why experts are constantly talking about the importance of new patients. A good new-patient flow is literally the life-blood of your practice.

Our most successful clients are committed to generating a steady flow of new patients by targeting the right prospects surrounding their practice (never reaching too far), they are sending the right quantity of mailers based on their growth goals and competitive market, they follow our content and offer recommendations, and their teams are constantly working on improving their call-handling skills.

Who are the right prospects?

  • Where are your best patients located?
  • Where are the biggest clusters of your best patients?
  • Your Account Manager can show you where.

What is the right quantity of households to target?

  • At least 5,000-15,000 households (based on growth goals)
  • Mailed every month
  • Your Account Manager can prepare special pricing to help you hit your goals.

How can I easily improve call-handling skills?

  • Pull out your Phone Power kit and allocate time for each person to review it
  • Log into our proprietary Phone Power training videos
  • Your Account Manager can coach your practice on areas for improvement.

Our new-patient acquisition system, with your personal Account Manager monitoring your progress every step of the way, is hands down the best and most comprehensive process for attracting more high-quality new patients. All of our recommendations are based on extensive research and our more than 24+ years of dental marketing. All of the results are completely visible with our marketing performance dashboard, call tracking, scoring, and tabulations.

If you think your marketing program could be doing more for your practice, contact your Account Manager to find out what’s falling short so you can ramp up your new-patient growth now. 

For free, we’ll analyze your existing patients, new-patient draw areas, and competitor market areas, plus our demographic consumer reports are like nothing you’ve seen before. We want to help. Call your Account Manager today. 

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