Give Patients A Reason To Choose Your Practice

In this post, I want to continue discussing the five elements of a Dental Marketing Plan with Your Value Proposition.

Your Value Proposition consists not only of the skills patients want in a dentist, but also how well you understand their needs and provide the kinds of benefits they'll want from your practice. And finally, you'll need to provide all of this in a way that fits their needs perfectly. So, before you start to develop that winning campaign, let's develop a clear understanding about value and some of the key concepts behind it.

Value: How much someone will pay for your services.

Value proposition: The reason why a buyer buys – what they want most and when.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): The compelling reason that your practice is different from, and better than, your competition's.

So how do you pinpoint your Value Propositions and USP? This can be challenging, especially in a profession like dentistry where consumers tend to think all dental offices are the same. But here's a great place to start: analyze other dental offices to figure out how they sell themselves – or if they sell themselves at all. Your analysis will tell you what's missing and where you can fill in the gaps.

Here are 3 simple tricks to refine your USP:

1. Step back and think like a patient.

Many dentists fall in love with their practices and technology and forget their patients' needs. That’s a big, big mistake. It's your patients that turn your practice into a business. And it's their loyalty and referrals that will make your business thrive. They deserve your undivided attention and interest.

2. Understand patient buying decisions.

The good news here is that you don't need a PhD in psychology to figure this out. All you need is to know what drives and motivates patients to choose you over your competitors. And we've done most of the work for you in one of our white papers – What Do Patients Want In A Dentist.

3. Know why patients keep coming back.

This is simple. Just ask your patients what they like about your dental office. You'll be surprised how honest people are when you ask what you could do to improve their experience.

Once you've gone through this process, keep it front-of-mind in everything you do. You need to think less like a dentist and more like your patients. That's how you'll discover what sets you apart and makes your practice stand out.

Having a successful practice is not all about having a unique office; it's about standing out – even in competitive markets – and this is where we help you. With 24+ years of dental marketing experience, we are uniquely qualified to explore and identify what makes your practice special … and to communicate it to your market to increase new patients, boost your profile in your community, and increase your revenue.

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