Great Dental Marketing Ideas For 2020 – WIN BIG Right Now

What truly works when it comes to dental marketing? Not just dental marketing – any marketing?

Being genuine.

Being authentic.

Be you. Be real. Don’t be a phony! Match your marketing messaging to who you really are.

Don’t try to wrap it up in some phony superhero contributing to the world stuff. Consumers see through that and that’s when marketing becomes trash. Your dental marketing efforts cannot excel without truth.

Think about it. We’re all completely inundated with messages – everywhere we turn there’s another ad popping up. Not only has this hardened us and shaped us all to tune out irrelevant messaging, but it’s upped our BS radar!

People have minimal patience when the truth is manipulated. We all know businesses are in business to DO BUSINESS aka be profitable, and that’s expected. If something nice happens along with that, that’s great, but don’t shape an entire business message away from your truth because you’re efforts are so philanthropic (unless they are of course)!

This blog has been triggered because I’ve seen some pretty phony marketing of late. And that bugs me. And it should bug you too. You want to be the business that consumers can trust, and so do we.

Consumers want to connect with companies they know and like. When you are genuine and you share your true values, your real self, you allow consumers to connect with you because your values connect with theirs.

At Patient News we walk our talk.

When we say you’re going to have a dedicated Account Manager who cares about you, we mean it.

When we say we’re going to share sometimes difficult news to help you increase production, we’re being honest.

When we say you’ll be proud of your marketing campaigns, we deliver.

When we say Practice ZEBRATM will be a game-changer for your practice management decisions, it’s true.

When you read that our mission is to “help dental offices stand out and grow”, believe it.

We’re celebrating 27 years of dental marketing. Our company was founded on content marketing. Thousands of dentists have used our patient newsletters over the years … and I know that most would say, “Yes, Patient News is a great company to work with.” They might not all have been happy with the result (being honest), but I know they would respect and trust who we are and what we’re saying.

Now, at the same time we do all this, we’re content marketers and we’ve delivered millions upon millions of high-quality educational newsletters and online content that have helped our clients succeed and prosper. That same content, the dental- and health-related articles we have written, have also positively impacted consumers to take action, to get dental care, which means our articles have improved and saved lives, because consumers with periodontal disease or oral cancer or a systemic disease sought treatment due to our dental marketing.

But if that was my marketing message – Patient News is committed to helping consumers improve their oral health – you would know we have gone too far. It’s stretching why we’re here into a fake feel-good story. A great side effect to our service, but not what you want to hear from us.

We help dental offices stand out and grow.

Stand out? Yes, because as mentioned before, consumers are inundated with marketing messages. Not only do they have unbelievable access to information, but they have so much choice now, and guess what? Consumers aren’t flocking to dentists for treatment. And if we can get them educated so they understand the need, consumers, in general, also have a perception that all dentists are pretty much the same.

So if you’re in a heavily saturated market, with 172 dental offices within a mile, how DO YOU stand out to consumers?

You must differentiate yourself and implement tactics so that your practice is “the one” known by consumer households and chosen by more people than the competing dental offices.

When creating your marketing campaigns for 2020, think about what your truth is.

Why should patients choose your practice? Would you like more people in your market area to know about your practice and why it’s special?

My truth is that my team can help you tell your story in a way that’s truthful while highlighting why you’re different than other dental offices in the area. And they’ll target that message to the areas with the highest likelihood to choose you.

Hey, for real, I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year! Give us a call for a free consultation.

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