Here Are #1 SEO Secrets For Dental Practices

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Okay… Let’s get it out there right off the top – there are no secrets, tricks, or shortcuts to SEO.

If you have great dental SEO, your practice will get ranked high on popular search engines like Google. When someone searches “dental practice near me,” your practice will be on page 1 of the search results.

The better your SEO, the more visits to your website … the more phone calls … more appointments … more production … and the more beneficial it is to your bottom line!

This blog will explain what you need to concentrate on to achieve great SEO results and how Patient News helps our clients’ dental practices win online.

I’ll also cover the areas of SEO that are most important to your online presence, discuss Google’s algorithm and how it has affected SEO over the years, and share the not-so-secret secrets of a great SEO strategy.

SEO Periodic Table

Figure 1 is a powerful graphic of the factors that make up a great dental SEO strategy. Lots to think about!


Knowing that ranking on page one takes literally thousands of considerations, let’s look at the most important factors and how they apply to dental clinics.

Figure 2 is a distillation – a quick and easy reference to the most important areas of a great SEO strategy for your practice.

Figure 2: Dental Practice SEO Success Factors


On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is determined by the tactics you use ON your website that influence search engines to rank you on page 1. On-Page SEO includes:

  • technical actions behind the scenes (meta descriptions, alt tags, & title tags)
  • great content
  • a simple user experience
  • the site is built with intentional keywords that are relevant to your strategy.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is referencing the marketing you do online that is NOT ON YOUR WEBSITE. Off-Page SEO includes:

  • social media strategies
  • local listings like Google My Business, Yelp, & Web MD
  • links that point to your website that build your reputation & authority.


What is a good link? It’s when a…

  • listing or social site like yelp or Facebook that includes your website URL
  • blogger decides to push people to your site & reference your URL on their website
  • website (any website) includes your URL in its content.

In Google’s eyes, each link to your website on another website is a “vote” for who has “the best website.” It’s a vote that supports your authority. The more websites that refer your site reassures Google that you should be ranked because people like you! How many votes does your dental website have?

MOZ, a leader in the SEO space, explains that your website will not rank without links. Check out the article here:

This also presents some issues of which you should be aware, one being “link farms” in which your SEO partner buys links uses other non-authentic ways of getting “votes.” These “black hat” strategies are to be avoided because if Google identifies these strategies are in use, they could very likely penalize your site and your rank will tank.

So then … how do you build links? provides great concepts and ideas around building links. When you finish reading this blog, circle back to (See! We just shared a link because the content is a valued piece of information. This is like giving a vote!)

The underpinning theme is that great links come from great content. People will share your information and website URL when they enjoy what they are reading and see it as valuable.


Content is the most important area of all SEO strategies. It is what drives the internet, attracts searchers, and demonstrates value to Google … and in turn, Google will provide your content to users, which in turn, brings you new patients!

Here’s what great content does…

  • educates people, entertains them, or solves their problem
  • enables a user to find what they are looking for, quickly & efficiently
  • helps users make decisions while they are online.

In dentistry, content humanizes you and your brand by explaining your practice and how you are different from the competition.

To have the most successful content strategy, include the things your patients care about:

  • how YOU help your patients achieve and enjoy optimum oral health
  • share your values
  • show you care – profile a successful case, show your generosity, talk about your support of, and participation in, ongoing community events…

And equally important, add content regularly.

Googles Algorithm Changes

Google has updated their ranking algorithm 180 times since the year 2000! That is an average of 9.5 updates per year!

The most recent update is BERT in October this year. Every time Google changes the algorithm, the periodic table at the top of this blog also changes slightly.

At this point, I hope I have made it clear that SEO is complicated. There is a science and nothing is for sure! I’ve discussed major components of the algorithm and areas that are an important focus for your dental practice, so now, let’s discuss the most recent updates to Google’s ranking factors.

How Algorithm Changes Affect Your SEO

The goal of BERT (and all of Google’s algorithms) is to provide users with the best content for their queries.

BERT is an upgrade to the previous Google machine-learning algorithm. “Machine learning” or artificial intelligence that learns and improves from experience, provides quick, efficient answers gleaned through “understanding” the intent of the query.

Here’s a quick link to a great explanation of BERT, but there’s a ton more info out there. Just google it! 😊

With that said, it is also being discussed that to rank in today’s searches, it’s not about how “technical” your SEO is, or the number of internal or external links your website has, or if your meta description is written perfectly, etc. Ranking is about the strength of the content.

Interesting how after all the years of SEO pros trying to “crack the code,” some things remain the same. CONTENT IS KING!


After reading this blog, you now know that there are no secrets or silver bullets to rank #1 and beat out the competition.

A quick summary? Your ideal strategy must include these 2 things:

  • great content that is consistent and ongoing
  • staying fully aware of the algorithm changes
  • proactively changing your site in response – or hiring someone who will do it for you.

In conclusion…

At Patient News, we have tested, researched, tested, changed, tested, and adapted to the industry over and over again. As a result, we deliver great SEO results for our clients.

The biggest challenge for us and for our clients? It takes time to rank in competitive areas. The good news? We have ways to work around it, including implementing a strong Paid Media strategy to boost you to the top of search engine results right away. Stay tuned for my blog about that!

A blog can only say so much, but a conversation with one of our expert Marketing Consultants can take this discussion much further. If you’re wondering how we get great results with our clients’ SEO strategies, call Patient News.

We are a full-service dental marketing agency that will create a dynamic results-driven SEO strategy for your practice.

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