Hit & Miss Marketing

Winning at dental marketing is a mission that we’re dedicated to helping you conquer. All around you, competitive dentists are engaged in hit and miss marketing and advertising tactics, and their advice could actually be out in left field when it comes to actual results.

The fact is, most dentists and practice managers are so busy running the day-to-day operations of the dental practice that they don’t have time to investigate and determine what marketing is actually working and what isn’t. This is one of the biggest eye-opening benefits of our new Marketing Performance Dashboard for our neighborhood newsletter clients.

Honestly, it isn’t rocket science. Consistent communication (and that’s from print to web to telephone) that represents your services effectively will support your goals for both patient acquisition and retention. We’ve all authorized hit and miss initiatives ourselves: we’ve jumped from one type of campaign to another or one concept to another looking for a quick win. We’ve all heard colleagues try to convince us that they “know” something we don’t … I tried that and it didn’t work.  When it comes to dental marketing, trying something once or sporadically will not work. Relying on anecdotal feedback is no way to make business decisions. What that really means is they probably didn’t listen to an expert, perhaps didn’t have the operational considerations required (like convenient appointment times for patients), only tracked manually, needed to cut budgets and/or didn’t have staff trained to answer and convert calls. Market factors are different for every practice, budget requirements are different, staff training is different, and the patient experience is different.

According to the ADA, dentists who don’t make an effort to keep in touch with patients every month risk losing them. Those are existingpatients. That means attracting more new patients needs to be a very visible and vigorous activity.

Repetition builds recognition.

I find it so frustrating when a dentist calls it quits before properly executing their marketing campaign. It’s the same way you must feel when you see a patient that accepted treatment to get their mouth back in shape and then they stall, lapse, and skip appointments, and then come back months later complaining that the treatment plan isn’t working. Don’t be that patient with your marketing plan.

Prospective patients and patients of record are being targeted by competitive marketing every day. It’s key that your practice cut through that clutter – with a steady presence - in order to maintain your market share and prevent patients from being lured away. Luckily many of your competitors could be hit ‘n' missers! Here are 3 elements that will make your dental marketing plan a winning one:

  • Frequency – In virtually all cases of marketing, multiple exposures are required. To brand your practice and gain recognition as the dental practice of choice and attract a steady flow of ideal new patients, you must target the right homes surrounding your practice just about every month. Remember that people have new wants and needs every day. Keep your messaging consistent and in front of your patients and prospective patients as often as possible to build familiarity (which builds trust).
  • Results Analysis – Look at the number of opportunities your practice is generating each month. Make sure you’re not losing opportunities due to voice mail and you’re working every avenue to attract and keep good patients and encourage them to refer. Use your average conversion rate to determine if you’re driving enough leads to your team in order for them to generate the patient flow you want.
  • Team Training – Every phone call is very valuable and you need to capitalize on those calls. Your team should know how to greet a caller, make them feel welcome, reinforce your competitive advantages, understand any special offers, and know how to ask for an appointment. If calls are answered by a live person that’s properly trained, you’re more likely to book an appointment.

If you’re not marketing as much or as frequently as your competition, consumers are more likely to drift towards the name they become most familiar with. We are here to build recognition for your practice, maintain top-of-mind awareness, and persuade patients to act before a competitor lures them away.

  • Get positive attention
  • Build a memorable reputation
  • Feature copy that entices and imagery that resonates.

“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!”
― Dr. Seuss

 Talk to your Account Manager about the myriad of ways we can help you address any practice challenges you are currently facing. Ask them for a tour of our new Marketing Performance Dashboard and online Phone Power telephone training series – FREE – with our neighborhood newsletter program. Find out about how you can very inexpensively enhance your patient newsletter program with a monthly email campaign. Just like brushing, flossing, and regular recare appointments, marketing gets the best results when properly executed and maintained.

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