How To Be Where Your Patients Are

Multichannel marketing increases production

Thirty years ago, to “be where your patients are” likely meant being in their homes while reading the paper, watching TV, or listening to the radio. In 2017, it means being everywhere.

For a dental office, this means there are more ways to reach patients than ever before, and thus the importance of multichannel marketing.

What is multichannel marketing and how does it relate to your practice?

At its most base level, you can describe it as the implementation of a single strategy across multiple channels or platforms, thereby maximizing opportunities to interact with prospective patients. A channel might be direct mail, email, a print ad, a website, a promotional event, SMS messaging, or word-of-mouth.

Multichannel marketing is not a nice to have but a critical must have.

Patients today have more choices than ever to get information about your practice, so embracing multichannel marketing is not a “nice to have” but a critical “must have.” With all the marketing choices and channels available, how do you choreograph multiple channels and campaigns to get “butts in chairs”? Your web provider, SEO specialist, social expert, and direct mail company don’t exactly have a hot-line connected to each other.

To get this right, you must first think about your customer, or in this case, patient. The one thing your ideal prospective patients will have in common is that they are all the “female head-of-house” (who makes 92% of healthcare decisions). You must also understand how your patients behave across channels. This data is available using sophisticated analysis tools and if your current dental marketing agency does not offer such analysis – find another agency.


Once you do these two things, the challenge then becomes:

  • execution
  • channel optimization
  • response attribution
  • campaign management based on your ideal patient.

The bright news is that there are multichannel dental marketing agencies who can develop, maintain, and improve the effectiveness and performance of your marketing efforts. Patient News is one of those agencies. After 25 years and 70,000 campaigns, we can coordinate off- and on-line marketing, utilize sophisticated data, and analyze response and ROI by channel.

Give us a call to discuss your practice. Our Discovery Session will reveal your single patient view – an accurate profile on your ideal patient!

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