How Can One Dentist Do So Much Better Than Another?

Have you heard the story about Henry and Heidi? Brother and sister Bernese Mountain dogs, they were fixtures at our offices from the beginning, and they remain the reason that Patient News is dog friendly to this day.

In 2016 however, we have a new Henry and Heidi. They’re a couple of zebra dentists with an interesting story to tell about business growth. Heidi is doing a lot better at her dental practice than Henry. Heidi made a good business decision and now Henry has some catching up to do! You can watch their story in this video.

Both Henry and Heidi wanted to guarantee maximum return on ALL marketing for their dental practices. Heidi invested in the Marketing Performance Dashboard (MPD) from Patient News. Henry did not.

With her Marketing Performance Dashboard, Heidi got complete visibility of all her marketing results and her teams’ performance across all platforms. Now Heidi directs her marketing dollars with confidence. And the kicker? It’s so easy to use, with ROI calculators and trends analysis, and Heidi even knows why patients don’t book so she can do something about it.

Now Heidi has no need for phony mystery calls – every call is recorded so Heidi knows where she can make improvements. Convenient training videos and telephone scripts allow her team to continually hone their skills.

Missed-call and voicemail alerts mean Heidi’s team never loses a new patient. No more wasted marketing dollars. And with the consolidated reporting in the MPD, she’s got all her marketing intelligence in one convenient location. Heidi’s team grew confident and now their practice stands out.

And Henry? He’s got some colorful plans for next year’s marketing budget.

Now you can increase your marketing ROI and profits on every marketing campaign you run. Click here to book a free demo so your practice always STANDS OUT.

The Marketing Performance Dashboard gives you call tracking/recording, call scoring, telephone training, and practice analytics for total visibility of your marketing and team performance. That means you don’t have to guess at marketing results, conduct mystery calls, make time to listen to recordings, or try to squeeze in your own team training.

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The MPD will give you complete visibility of:

  • Which marketing is driving calls to your practice (and how many)
  • How many appointments are being booked and how many are being missed
  • The reasons why patients don’t book
  • Which team members are doing great and who needs help
  • What’s working and what isn’t, and exactly where you should be investing.

Compare individual campaign results, review missed and successful calls, and get results based on your specific demographics and patient values (not generic numbers).

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Increase marketing results. Increase new patients. Increase overall practice production.

Blow away last year’s numbers. Find out which practice marketing STANDS OUT and gets you noticed by the right patients and prospects. You’ll be able to make better business decisions and save money on marketing that isn’t working.

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  • The MPD team listens to all calls so you get immediate feedback
  • Instant missed-call alerts – don’t miss a single new patient
  • Find out who has the best scores and who needs more training
  • Get access to the free telephone training videos and scripts
  • Get weekly hotspot emails with your KPIs
  • Monitor month-over-month results
  • No need to be a techie – easy-to-use navigation
  • GROUPS! Multi-practice individual and consolidated reporting

All this plus FREE telephone training videos and scripting modules. Challenge your team to improve their call handling results.

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