How A Dental Advertising Agency Uses Patient Satisfaction Surveys To Increase Customer Loyalty

There are countless marketing strategies that can help dental practices increase their customer population, secure a profitable and sustainable future, and provide high-quality service to patients. However, the dental patient survey is one of the best. Dental patient satisfaction surveys are crucial to marketing success because they give consumers the chance to communicate with dentists, they provide avenues for improvements and new service ideas, and they make consumers feel like a valuable priority in the community.

A Survey Gives the Microphone to the Consumer

Businesses are often “in the business” of self-promotion. Consumers, in general, have come to expect this, so they aren’t deterred by a business that proclaims its merits. They listen to a business’ ad pitch with patience, and use that information to make an educated decision. Newsletters, advertisements, social media pages, brochures, and other content are all great places for business promotion. A dental advertising agency like Patient News can support a dental practice communication efforts with a dental patient survey. The process of a patient survey can help a practice stand apart and make patients stand up and take notice. In fact, the very act of issuing a client survey can generate increased loyalty, even without patient response, quickly earning the trust and loyalty of a practice's patient community.

Surveys Provide Improvement Opportunities

A dental patient survey possesses great value when the dental practice reviews and listens to the feedback provided. This can be the most challenging part of the dental patient satisfaction survey process. What if a dentist has designed his or her practice with great intention, created it to function in a highly specific way, or implemented tasks and systems after years of market research and planning? What if a dental patient survey reveals that customers don’t like these functions, systems, or tasks? What if the consumer wants changes? What if a dentist’s well-designed intentional plans aren’t working?

A willingness to adapt and put the customer’s needs first is the key to making a dental patient satisfaction survey an efficient booster for customer loyalty.

Surveys Reveal Dental Practice Priorities

A survey has the potential to present a dental practice as a concerned and conscientious establishment hoping to satisfy consumers, provide the best possible service, and guarantee effective dental health to a community in need. Dental patient surveys are low-cost high-yield marketing strategies, and the results of a survey campaign are nothing short of astounding.

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