Listening to the Rosie O’Donnell Radio Show last week struck a cord. Rosie was talking about how to become a great standup comedian. She said comedians would “practice their routine over and over and over, change a syllable here, a word there, try a new tag line, and finely, finely, hone it over time. Practice, practice, practice. Do it over, do it over, do it over.” People often ask her, she said, how to become a great comedian and her response is always, “How do you become a great surfer? Get in the water.”

That’s exactly how you became a great dentist, and that’s exactly how to become a great marketer. And that’s why you can count on Patient News to drive results to your practice. We’ve done it over and over and over. We’ve changed more than syllables, words, and tag lines, and we know what works.

Why Direct Mail Will Work For You

Direct mail provides 100% reach to your target audience, and when well prepared, there’s so much research to support that it’s virtually indisputable that North Americans are compulsive consumers of print. Most people – and by most people we mean the majority – about 85% open and read these materials as soon as they get them – across every demographic. What are they reading? Well, let’s just say it’s no accident that the top 5 magazine marketers, from Proctor & Gamble to Unilever, are in the fields of personal hygiene, nutrition, beauty, and health.

According to Trendwatching, good health is now an important status symbol and increasingly, healthcare consumers expect prevention and improved quality of life rather than mere band aid solutions.

The Hartman Group in Reimagining Health and Wellness 2010 reports that consumers are increasing spending on products for health and wellness…

  • 73% of US consumers consider being physically fit important to being “well,” with 74% also including feeling good about themselves.
  • 19% of all monthly spending in the average household is on product categories that have a “wellness halo.”

How can you take advantage of this research in your dental practice marketing? A highly customized, personalized, and relevant direct mail program is a terrific medium for applying these triggers to educate patients and prospective patients and to promote your practice.People want a quality source of information – it gives them something to talk about with their peers. You’ve got all that to share: wellness, prevention, quality of life, nutrition, and the mouth-body connection.

In addition to readability and communication, numerous studies show that direct mail has other marketing advantages…

  • households with higher income receive and read more advertising mail
  • 94% of consumers surveyed say they took action on promotional offers received via direct mail over the past year
  • 40% say they have tried a new business for the first time because of information received via direct mail

Effective marketing and communication is about more than just numbers. But it’s good to know that all that research supports the wisdom of your direct mail marketing campaign.

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