How To Generate More Response

That’s the proverbial question for any business. Each one of us wants to generate more new clients, we want to be better engaged with our existing clients, and we want to reactivate the clients that have done business with us in the past. Here are just a few tips about what we’ve learned from extensive consumer research, surveys, and behavior analysis, industry studies, and thousands of actual campaigns conducted for dentists just like you.

1. Make it easy for people to respond. Offer multiple ways to contact your practice and ensure that the reception they receive at all touch points is stellar, prompt, and knowledgeable.

2. Be clear about what you want your target to do next. Keep the message very focused throughout each campaign on what the next step should be. Don’t confuse people with more than 1-2 specials in each mailing so that you can repeat your call to action clearly and consistently.

3. Be visible with repeated campaigns. Direct mail your community 8-10 times per year, direct mail your patients 6 times per year … monthly with your email newsletter. Feature your website and social sites to drive more “likes.” Our top clients mail at least 8-12 issues per annum; lowest responders mail less than 4 times per year. (By the way … “LIKE” us at ... You’ll find our latest news and top tips.)

4. Stay relevant. Content should be current and resonate with your target audience and your goals. Include a combination of educational, entertaining, informative, and fun content to support your marketing messages.

5. Apply best practice techniques and always be marketing. Keep content focused on the female head-of-household reader (who makes more than 80% of all healthcare buying decisions), use effective attention-getting techniques, don’t over-cram text – embrace the white space, include directions, keep your phone number clear, track results and analyze over time – don’t be a “one-hit wonder.”

6. Highlight your key attributes. Patients want convenience and ease of use. If you accept insurance, tell them. If you process claims, tell them. If you offer financial options, tell them. If you have after-hour appointment times, tell them. If you have services that shorten treatment time … tell them (say “crowns in a single visit” instead of “my new cerec machine”).

What about your image?

Does your current logo reflect your business today? Could it be negatively impacting brand reputation? A simple font change can make a huge difference. We wanted to update our logo for years, had dozens of designs, but just couldn’t make the leap – likely because the designs completely changed what we had built in our old logo. Last year we found a look that had the essence of our old logo yet reflected Patient News today. Take a chance and see what you might get.


Is the photo you’re featuring up to date? Patients and prospects can tell the effort you’re making … Connie Rowden, Senior Account Manager, had to chase a client to update his photo (with his family, three toddlers) because it was a dozen years old and his children are now teenagers.


Lose the smock – lose the tie. Of course you have to reflect your own style, but WOW what a difference it makes when a new team photo comes in and they’ve doffed their white smocks for a group shot and everyone’s wearing regular clothes, crisp shirts – and it really pops when they’ve coordinated a sharp color scheme and smiling faces. You don’t need a professional photo shoot, just someone who is great with their digital camera – our team will color correct and retouch your photos for your campaigns.

For more information on improved marketing response, call your Account Manager at 888.377.2404. We’re available Monday to Friday, 8:30am–6:00pm EST, and we’re always happy to schedule a specific appointment time that will work for you. Remember, you have unlimited support included with your program, and your Account Manager can pull our entire team together to brainstorm on your situation if you have a particularly challenging problem. Call for a free consultation today. Here’s to your dental direct marketing success! Building relationships gets results!

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