How To Get More New Dental Patients

10 Campaign Components To Increase Success:

The results of the latest analysis of our direct mail tracking results reveal 10 consistent components that dentists can address to increase their chance of success.

Of course it does begin with the practice. The location, the demographics, the competition, the services, the dentist, the team, their reputation … the overall existing brand awareness. With that in mind, here are a few key elements that most of our top-producing clients embrace.

What top campaigns include

  1. Share educational information about services in the form of a content-rich newsletter, not just a postcard

  2. Create warm welcoming content that builds trust

  3. Maintain consistent and optimal frequency (10-12 months /year)

  4. Target areas most likely to respond

  5.  Include a New Patient Special Offer – focus on general dentistry & just highlight electives

  6.  Offer a FREE Consultation or FREE 2nd Opinion Appointment

  7.  Highlight availability of insurance and pay plans, and offer assistance

  8.  Brand image reflects the practice AND resonates with the target audience

  9.  Feature patient testimonials

  10.  Train everyone to answer new-patient calls with priority and convert to appointments.

When it comes to acquisition success it has never been more important to know your target market.

Once these components are nailed down, it’s all about continually testing and tracking impact … timing, format, offers, targets, and creative … that’s what good marketing is all about. When it comes to acquisition success it has never been more important to know your target market. Where are you drawing your patients from? How does that relate to where other dentists are situated and where you’re sending your messages?  Your Account Manager is armed with the tools to help you at every phase of your practice …. from attracting and onboarding new patients to keeping existing patients coming back and referring more.  


You are our top priority. Our entire process has been developed with your best interests at the core. We know that being agile and flexible throughout your campaigns will help you be more successful and more profitable. Without responsiveness a marketing campaign will not experience continuous improvement. Every week your Account Manager receives additional training about what’s working and what’s not. They are educated on how to help you overcome specific business challenges and they want to keep you informed about the latest trends and best practices.

So … what are your current business challenges?

Reach out to your Account Manager to talk. No topic is too minor – and if they don’t have an immediate answer, they have access to our hugely talented team of people. With 25 years of dental marketing experience, thousands of clients, and millions of campaigns behind us, we can provide the help you need.

Get off to a great start with your early bookings by talking to your Account Manager about your goals. And don’t forget to ask for a full patient list analysis – it’s really invaluable. Here’s to your success!

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