How Neighborhood Newsletters Build Better Brand Admiration

Make patients TRUST, love, and respect your practice

As a dental practitioner, you face incredible challenges. You must do everything perfectly. The pressure is astounding when you think about it. You must be well-educated and ahead of the latest advances in dentistry. With all the latest research connecting oral health to overall health, you have to be on top of everything medical that your patients can google! You must be an artist with teeth, performing treatments with precision and superior results. You need to have a great chairside manner. You must be a great leader who can motivate your team. You must be a smart business owner, managing budgets and profit margins and growing your business. You need to be great at building trust – with your team, your patients, and your community. You need patients to love you and your team and give you great reviews. You need to be respected so that patients will talk about you and refer their friends and family.

This is where your content-driven marketing campaigns really support you. Rather than a promotional drop, patient education contributes to the trust, love, and respect you get from your patients, team, and community.

You get the attention of the female heads-of-household, your primary decision-makers who WANT quality information to make good decisions for their families.

Choosing dental marketing services for your practice is another burden you carry. At Patient News, we do not take your choice lightly. For almost 25 years it has been our mission to contribute to your success by offering products and services that build and strengthen your patient relationships. You are part of a collective of successful dentists that want to STAND OUT and grow their businesses. As part of that community, you are benefiting from the combined analytics that allow us to provide a proven strategic process for marketing your dental office. We continue to invest in research and development and advanced technologies to provide you with marketing solutions that will drive practice growth.

Elevate your position as an authority in your field.

Do all your marketing materials (internal and external), signage, environment, and office staff reflect the quality and professionalism you want your practice to be known for? Does a tattered postcard arrive in consumer homes or have you invested in a high-quality educational dental newsletter to set your practice apart? When prospects call your practice, is their call answered promptly and handled enthusiastically? Is your entrance and reception area impressive when patients arrive? Do you have a myriad of pin-up notices and bulletins cluttering the front desk? We have found that when these five components have a focus on quality and come together, it’s much easier to onboard and keep good and profitable patients.

Your neighborhood newsletter is doing the world good while making your practice STAND OUT. Patients and prospects in your community have so much access. Good and bad reviews. Competitor choice. Incorrect information. Negative peer influence. They also aren’t necessarily thinking about their dental health. You know, even though many digital marketers will tell you that patient opportunity starts with search … we know that patient opportunity starts by proactively reaching patients in their homes in a way that will resonate with them while elevating your practice. Your neighborhood newsletter keeps your practice top-of-mind. It’s really one of the most effective, proactive, and positive marketing methods you could choose to represent your practice and your philosophy of patient education.

And on top of that, our dental marketing services cover off precise targeting of your top patient hotspots, telephone training – with best-in-class Phone Power – to help your team book more new patients from every inbound call to your practice (not just the ones from your newsletter), and detailed tracking analytics through your Marketing Performance Dashboard for continuous practice improvement.

Our amazing team is passionate about helping you grow your practice. We are dedicated to creating the highest quality patient marketing materials, using deep research on dental patient behaviors, giving you the level of quality you want to represent your practice. We are advancing the technologies we bring to your programs to provide you with continuously improved results. We are working super hard to make your life easier, to manage to your goals, to enhance your practice performance, and provide you with friendly superior service.

With patient trust, love, and respect, your practice will grow. Thank you for choosing the dental marketing services of Patient News to help you get there.

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