How To Choose A Dental Marketing Agency

At Patient News, we get the opportunity to speak with dentists and their teams daily about their goals, business challenges, and of course, marketing needs and wants. One question asked during discovery sessions is, “What makes your dental practice different?” As a dental marketing agency, we must understand your unique value proposition.

We get many different answers. For example, “We have the best implant technology” or “Our practice has sedation.” This is all great, but what truly makes your practice stand out from the competition is the team culture, ongoing care, and patient relationships. Other practices cannot duplicate your culture or people, and for this reason, they define your dental practice. The same applies to a B2B (business-to-business) dental marketing agency like Patient News.

In this blog I will explain and discuss:

  • Main elements to look out for when choosing a dental marketing agency
  • The meaning of “agency-client partnership.”
  • What it looks like to be a part of a fantastic client culture
  • Servicing you deserve from the angle of marketing.

Look out! Areas of analysis when choosing a dental marketing agency

  1. Years in business – Watch out for the “fly-by-night” agencies. That means they appear and disappear in a short period.
  2. Dental specific? Medical specific at the least. Your marketing needs to be positioned in a format that will win against your competition, and that means writing and designing to meet the industry standards. Medical writing is obviously different from writing for a plumber or a car dealership! Be sure that you get the expertise needed in dentistry.
  3. Pricing – Cheap marketing may sound great in the moment; however, you could regret the decision in the long run. Good dental marketing is process-driven and built with quality in mind.
  4. Reporting – If the agency does not have KPIs attached to your dental marketing campaign or benchmarks and ROI reporting, you will be paying for something without really knowing how successful it is. How would the dental marketing agency know when to make adjustments to your marketing campaign if they are not tracking success?
  5. Dedicated Account Management – The artificial intelligence technology we have access to has changed the world of customer service. Chatbots and automated answering services will not be the main driver in acquiring 50 new patients a month. An educated dental-specific account manager who tracks your marketing ROI and makes changes for continuous improvement … will.

A great partnership is transformational, not transactional

Gauri Sharma, a contributor from, does a great job of explaining client-agency partnerships in a recent article. “We always aim to become a trusted partner of our clients, rather than viewing ourselves as a vendor,” said Sharma. I couldn’t agree more with her; a dental marketing agency partnership is more than a transactional relationship. If the fit is right, the partnership will be transformational to the client and agency as they work together. If you are working with a dental marketing agency that is also a partner, you will know through the culture you witness and excellent customer service you receive.

Client-agency culture – What does it look like?

I may be a little biased, but our clients love us! That is not by chance or only because we bring them new patients. Client satisfaction comes with hard work and dedication to the business relationship.

Patient News is made up of people that all have a passion for what they do. In fact, Patient News hires on personality and attitude. For this reason, we get a group of individuals who work as a team in every facet of the business looking to high five their way through any challenges. As a client, you will feel a part of the team culture. This means that you enjoy going over the results. You know that your dedicated account manager is backed by a team that has your best interests in mind.

Patient News visits their clients at trade shows, invites them to marketing seminars, sends gifts as an ongoing surprise and delight … because we care, we are always looking to educate, and we like to have fun! When you work with a dental marketing agency that has a thriving culture, they understand “making it right” and putting the client first.

Servicing is the differentiating factor

You can have the same technology as your competitors and even share a similar process, but you can’t copy the humans and how they treat their clients. When choosing a dental marketing agency, think about this. How was the follow-up? Was the sales process smooth and seamless? Did you feel comfortable at every stage when scouting the agency? By understanding these elements of the process, you can determine that your relationship will likely follow similar feelings. The servicing of the sales process will determine how you will be serviced as a client.

During your search for a dental marketing agency, we recommend you consider elements such as culture, servicing, and transformational partnerships. Ask lots of questions, take lots of notes, and make sure you chose a dental marketing agency you know will work in your best interest during the entirety of the partnership.

Speaking of which … You should put Patient News on your radar. For 27 years, our team of marketing experts have helped thousands of dentists across North America with a customer-first approach. Our dedicated account success managers listen to their clients’ goals, regularly review their results, make recommendations for improvements … and they love coming to work every day.

After you’ve done your research … If we sound like the ideal dental marketing partner for you, we encourage you to book a FREE Discovery Session. There’s absolutely no obligation required. This is your chance to find out exactly why an elite community of like-minded dentists have joined forces with Patient News.

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