How To Maximize Patient Benefits & Increase Production

There are many ways to maximize production. Your practice needs to have the services that your market area wants and needs. You need to have an awesome team that is trained and motivated to set each other up for success. Your market area needs to know that you’re there and that you have what they need or want.

If your goals include an increase in new patients, an improvement in awareness of your reputation as a trusted provider in your area, and you want to be the dental authority in your area that impresses both patients and prospective patients, then you must consider the power of direct mail dental marketing.

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Direct mail campaigns give a high ROI and drive action to all other marketing channels. Direct mail is the only way to reach 100% of the households surrounding a dental practice and break through as the standout dental team of choice.

Think about it. Direct mail dental marketing is easier for all of us to consume. A massive research study proved that direct mail requires less cognitive effort to understand, meaning your patients don’t have to work hard or take time to comprehend what your message is. And because it’s tangible, it has greater impact than all other marketing.

Not sure about direct mail? You’ve tried it, hit and miss and are not sure of results… Dr. Friedman was the same.

Listen to what Dr. Shana Friedman has to say now about the impact of direct mail marketing in her area.

Dr. Friedman didn’t think direct mail would work for her mid-town practice. She was dead wrong and now she couldn’t be happier with her practice success due to her commitment to running a strong, long-term campaign.

Consumers make decisions on which dental practice to choose based on a variety of criteria. The thing that direct mail provides to you, as the marketing brand, is that you can tell your story, you can be authentic, positive, and you can amplify your competitive advantages in a format that will be noticed, handled, and remembered. Consumers are busy, they’re distracted, and your direct mail campaign is a steady and trusted reliable thing.

Direct mail helps you connect with patients and prospects on multiple levels. In fact, just holding a direct mail piece is shown to trigger desirability and improves a person’s perception of your brand. Direct mail is more memorable. In fact, your patients of all ages spend more time with physical mail than any other type of advertising, and most look forward to receiving and reviewing their mail DAILY.

Brand recall is 70% higher when a prospect is exposed to direct mail (as opposed to digital), and you’ll get in front of your target audience when they’re in a good mood – yes, that’s right. 56% of people feel that receiving and reading mail is a real pleasure.

It is true that the VOLUME of direct mail is declining … but that’s because TRANSACTIONAL mail is declining. It’s all ebilling and etransfers now. But ADVERTISING mail has a big upside for you as a dental practice – less clutter means there’s more opportunity to STAND OUT and less competition for attention.

There is zero doubt that direct mail drives the highest ROI for dental practices embracing a cross-channel multi-audience campaign. Direct mail will drive activity to your website, your listings, your reviews, building up a stronger level of trust for your prospective patients when they become familiar with your practice on multiple touchpoints to the point where they call your practice and book appointments, not just for themselves but for their family members as well.

Direct mail will not only impact your new-patient flow, but it will ALSO capture lapsing patients and reactivate patients. It’s amazing to see how many practices think they have “active” patients, but you may not know it but you’re losing more and more “active” patients each month. A targeted direct mail campaign will impact patients that have had an appointment with you in the past, those that might be just past a recall or those that simply didn’t realize all of the services you offer and will call you about an elective procedure. Direct mail can offer massive financial impact for your practice.

Our clients experience an average 6:1 ROI on direct mail BECAUSE we work closely with each office to investigate the demographic makeup, the existing practice market share and draw areas, and only select key zones that will provide the highest return on investment for the practice. Then, we don’t stop there. We track where new patients are originating to ensure that we’re only targeting hotspots that are driving the best new-patient activity for each practice.

Studies also show that consumers trust direct mail and the companies that use it. It’s tangible, we all enjoy receiving a good piece of direct mail advertising, particularly if it hits us at a moment when it’s relevant to us or someone in our circle. No digital marketing effort will have this level of persuasive appeal to the senses.

And the numbers make sense. We get barraged with thousands of ads each day, hundreds of emails, spam emails we don’t want, display ads pop in our feeds and we wonder how they found us … it’s a lot. On the other hand, we might get two pieces of direct mail each day – and that’s something your prospects are looking forward to.

Want to increase your new patients? Want to increase your reputation as a trusted provider in your area? Want to be the dental authority in your area that impresses both patients and prospective patients?

Click here to schedule a quick consultation to discuss your practice situation and goals. Our team of experts can share advice on direct mail marketing, as well as digital. Afterall, it’s the full marketing mix that touches every phase of the patient journey that will make your practice the most successful it can be. Begin with your free consultation today.

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