I got a feeling … “that tonight’s gonna be a good night…”

Doesn’t that line from the Black Eyed Peas song make you feel good? What about …. “I’m walkin’ on sunshine … woooah…” If you’re my age, that has to make you smile! Here are a few easy tips to put more feeling into your patient interactions at the front desk which may help increase your appointment scheduling success. At Patient News we’re only face-to-face with clients at trade shows or occasional in-office meetings. We do all of our business by phone and Internet, so the importance of voice inflection, being present, and focusing on the caller and smiling while we’re on the phone have all been central to our frontline training program. But sometimes when you do something all the time and it becomes second nature, you can slip and you need that little reminder to bring a particular component back into focus. That’s why continuing education is so important, not just for the big tasks we’re taking care of, but also the little things that make a big impression on clients and prospects (and each other).

Last week when I attended our account management team training course that covered voice inflection and how tone impacts our success online, it brought back the importance of properly handling phone and online interactions. (You know … It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it). They had us do a few fun (and a little embarrassing) role plays to show how much what you’re feeling when you speak impacts what you’re saying. Any frontline team can gain benefit from this exercise, in fact, we can all learn how our mood is impacting others and how we can easily adjust to create a much more positive interaction for the other person (whether it’s in person or not).

We’re in the dental industry so we all know that we’re supposed to smile when we’re on the phone. But the course took it one step further by asking us to put “feeling” behind the smile. We all know this is true. If you’ve been around in business for any length of time you’ll remember the little fuzzy guy that was stuck to your phone to make you smile when you answered it. As dentists, you’ll probably be even more emphatic about the impact of a smile and how people can “hear” it. But for frontline folks that are trying to book a new-patient appointment or reactivate an existing patient, when they take it further than just putting on a smile, it can have a big impact.

The trainer asked us to say things as if we were bored, flirtatious, angry, sexy, excited… Try this at your next morning huddle as a group … “we need a volunteer…” As if you are bored, say the following words (out loud)… - Good morning. Dr. Smith’s practice. - Yes, we have one-hour whitening. - We can fit you in at 2:00. Now, think of something that makes you feel really good. What gets you going and makes you happy? Mountain biking? Skiing? Watching your favorite team win a championship? Transforming a patient’s smile that had lost hope for one? Running to hug your child after time spent apart? Riding a roller coaster? Now we need another volunteer! As if you’re really happy and excited, say the following words aloud… - Good morning. Dr. Smith’s practice. - Yes, we have one-hour whitening. - We can fit you in at 2:00. Start by making sure you have a warm welcome script for everyone to use who answers your phone. You want the new patient to know you’re happy they called your practice – this will start your relationship with them on a positive note. When someone answers the phone with enthusiasm and brightness, it can’t help but lift the callers’ spirits and overall enjoyment.

People remember what happens first and last, so also script your closing comment. Again, amp up your enthusiasm. It will instill confidence and a positive first impression with the new patient. Always say thank you and add a simple “looking forward to meeting you when you come in on … You’re going to love our practice” message (but not in your bored voice). Beyond scripting, how can you stay in that “happy” zone all day when you’re dealing with crying children, complaining patients, late patients, impatient patients, collections, maintaining the schedule, checking patients in and checking patients out, reminder calls – your colleagues and their various moods?

Here’s a saying that I like to remind myself of: We can’t control what happens to us, we can only control how we react to it. Stay positive. Put a mirror at the phone so when answering, you can see yourself smiling. Place personal pictures and things that make you feel good where you can see them while on the phone. Run the role play exercise as a group, have a few laughs, and then work together as a team to make sure your practice is not only positive for patients, but also for your entire team.

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