The Importance Of Continuous Improvement In Marketing

It’s time to wrap up the Five Elements of a Dental Marketing Campaign blog series with this final post. To recap, we’ve discussed a specific series of processes for a specific outcome when applied properly – not much different than the practice of dentistry.

As a refresher, here are the five elements again. When these are applied properly and work together, they can result in a steady stream of new patients.

1. Environmental Factors: Guide your decisions

2. Your Value Proposition: How you’re different

3. Your Campaigns: The right message to the right people

4. Patient Development: Convert new patients into long-term loyal patients


5. Continuous Improvement: The ongoing analysis of your campaigns and new-patient experience.

The objective of continuous improvement in marketing is simple – achieve business growth. Unfortunately many practices think of continuous improvement not as a process of monitoring and making incremental changes, but as jumping from one marketing activity to another. You can see the problem here – with no analysis and with every change, it’s back to the drawing board.

What do you need to look at to make your marketing plan work for you? Well, each of the items below requires further detail, but here’s an introduction.

1. Return On Investment (ROI): Just because you’re generating new patients, it doesn’t mean your marketing is working as well as it could. The first step is to measure your ROI and keep it simple. You’re looking for a benchmark and to improve your marketing efforts to provide a better return.

2. Better Targeting: Continually revaluate your target audience. Determine where your current patients reside and where your new ones are coming from.

3. Better Data: In today’s world, you can learn continually about consumer buying trends and competitor data. Your competition is trying to outdo you so you need to be relevant.

4. Conversion Rates: Determine what percentage of incoming calls are being converted to appointments. Take it one step further and calculate what percentage of first-time appointments are leaving with a recall booked.

Easy … right? Of course not. These items require commitment and ongoing discipline to make them work over the long term. Your challenge is to develop the skill set internally or find the right partner who can do this for you. It’s a huge challenge, but one with which Patient News can assist effectively. We’ve worked with every one of these elements with over 7,000 dentists and you can tap into this experience. Contact your Account Manager to learn more about maximizing your marketing results.

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