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I just read an article that said you must “stand out or lose out” when it comes to customer loyalty. When it comes to dental patient loyalty, this is definitely a big deal. Those of you who employ a dedicated patient retention newsletter get it. Your newsletter mailed in an envelope to patients-of-record is tangible, powerful, and leaves a lasting impression in ways that competitor information cannot. Go multi-channel with email and facebook content and you’ll really pack a patient loyalty punch.

Most companies focus on the early stages of client acquisition, but once we have that good client, it’s really important to make an effort to retain. The number-one reason people stop doing business with a company is perceived indifference. Making customers feel valued … it’s not that hard really.

Did you know?

•  Customers who believe that the brands they’re most loyal to aren’t doing enough – 62%

I can tell you that my own personal healthcare “after marketing” experiences have been less than exceptional. I can think of several dentists, orthodontists, and dermatologists who just didn’t do enough to retain my business. To be fair, the interactions in practice were pretty good. It’s the overall lack of effort to follow up or educate me about services available that leaves me feeling a little cold. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I have not been loyal. I have flipped looking for an experience where I feel appreciated and informed so I can make good decisions for my family and me. And where I would definitely spend more.

It really would be so easy to wow me because no one regularly does.

According to the Custom Content Council ... 73% of people prefer to get information about a business in a collection of articles (like a newsletter) rather than a traditional ad. And regular customized patient newsletters can enhance your brand image and change and even improve your customers’ experience with your practice – outside of your practice.

  • Customers who switch brands after a poor customer experience – 89%
  • Customers who say customer service is critical to loyalty – 72%
  • Annual percentage revenue losses due to poor customer experience – 20%

When I look at the superb quality of the patient newsletters – mail and email – we’re producing for many of you and I think of my own experiences, I know you are making a fantastic impact on your patients and your practice. Good quality content builds loyalty. Think about how the suppliers you deal with work hard to provide you with information to help you in your decision making and the impact that has on your loyalty.

When your patients trust you as a high-level provider and a source they can rely on to ask questions, it will strengthen the loyalty you receive. Patient retention efforts may be hard to measure but they are a very valuable activity.

Stand out or lose out.

Reflect your brand image. Share information freely. Quarterly patient newsletters, supported by monthly email communications and great facebook content are very positive experiences for your patients. They add value, show you care, and improve patient loyalty.

For information on how to enhance your patient communication efforts, increase referrals, and promote special products, please contact your Account Manager. We’re available from 9am – 5:30pm EST Monday through Friday with free unlimited support. Call today!

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