Increasing New Patients

By Joanne Bishop | February 20 2019



Consumers make decisions on which healthcare provider to choose based upon a variety of criteria. Do you know what will make the difference so that your new patient flow – and your practice production – will go up in 2019?

Marketing forecasters are suggesting that positivity and authenticity will have the greatest impact on business success this year. If you think about it, for dental offices, that makes a lot of sense. Women, who are the primary healthcare decision makers, are putting more and more value in trust of what others have to say and in reputable content versus quick promos. 

That’s why being super-relevant and authentic in your marketing strategies, specific to your target market demographic, will be your competitive advantage for increased new-patient growth. Have you had a DISCO DEMO with my team? There’s no dancing required – thank goodness, I’m an Elaine Benis dancer, so pretty LOL – and I promise you will get value. Click here to schedule yours

We’ll help you begin by fully understanding your practice situation:

  • What is the demographic makeup of your active patient base, i.e. who are you attracting now?
  • What is the demographic makeup of your potential draw areas surrounding your practice?
  • What services or offerings will these demographic profiles respond to?

Once you’ve answered these questions, we’ll help you identify your practice trends leading into this year:

  • Monthly production 
  • Monthly new patients
  • New-patient value & rescheduling rates

With this in hand, you can determine what you can and what you need to invest. No longer is the miniscule marketing budget going to drive growth – or even keep a steady new patient flow coming. 

According to Gartner CMO spend survey, marketing budgets remain steady at 11.2% of revenue for the average business. 

That’s why you might be noticing increased competition in your area – it’s not necessarily because there are more dentists, or a new corporate has moved your neighborhood. It’s simply because more businesses are strengthening their marketing budgets and creating more awareness – and more choice for your prime target. More choice means slower decision making. 

So how can you get the attention – positive attention – of the female head-of-house in your area? 

Content marketing is rated as the top activity that will have the biggest impact on a business this year and that connects with the role women play in decision making and what makes a difference to them. Not every practice is the same however, so you need a content solution customized to your practice, your market, and your goals. We can help. 

If you seriously want to increase your new patients, you need to get serious about your strategy. 

Why not take advantage of what we call a Disco Demo today? We’ll listen to where you’re at and share a bit about all the ways we can help you drive practice growth. 

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