Increasing Production On A Per Patient Basis

Increase your practice production

Want to secure and protect your future by increasing practice production?

Most successful dentists do this with a customized patient newsletter mailed to patient homes every quarter. Did you know that 90% of consumers read their mail the day it arrives? And over 85% of patients enjoy receiving and reading their dentists’ patient newsletter?

It’s always cost effective to focus on retention – isn’t it easier to maintain a client you already have than to win a new one? A dedicated internal patient retention campaign will help you increase production with the patients you already have.

Successful dentists understand that, by educating patients and presenting more comprehensive treatment plans including elective services, they can improve their odds of hitting their daily goals. “Just one more” is a favorite of mine. Make that a daily motto … each day your team works together to add just one more treatment identification option.

Over a patient’s lifetime you could earn $33 for every $1 spent.

Educating patients through a dedicated patient newsletter is simply the right thing to do. Not only is it a caring extension of what you offer directly to patients in your office, it also offers a tangible ROI. Most offices can expect at least a three-to-one return annually … and over a patient lifetime, you could earn $33 for every $1 spent.

That is significant.

A quarterly patient newsletter will maximize production from your existing patient base. And it’s easy to implement and manage when you work with your Patient News Account Manager. We’ll help you create custom content that will resonate and engage patients.

Take a look at your own books. Of all of the new patients you booked last year, how many were generated from referrals? How many have a recall appointment scheduled? How many have treatment plans that have not been accepted?


The bottom line? Increase production on a per-patient basis by ensuring that your patients are aware of all the services you provide.

Don’t assume that patients really understand how important treatment is. Don’t assume they’re not interested. It may just have not been a priority at the time of presentation … they may have been waiting for insurance benefits to renew or finances to shift. With regular reinforcement and confidence building, you’ll have a lot more patients committing to high-value services.

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