Innovate & Change For Better Dental Marketing

Change is an opportunity to do something amazing and it’s in your hands to execute. Many practices we talk to aren’t sure how to innovate and change to improve internal process, because they don’t have the data to inform the new direction. The good news is that technology is available to help your practice get ahead of the competition and start achieving the goals you set out for 2019!

If your practice doesn’t innovate, stay on top of trends, and use modern technology to get ahead, your competitors will, and eventually you will be left questioning what went wrong.

In this blog, I will outline 4 ways that you can revolutionize your dental marketing to stand out and grow your practice.

Know the data to make better dental marketing decisions!

For years marketers and entrepreneurs just like you could narrow their marketing down to understand 50% of their marketing strategy is working, the question was, what 50%?

It’s 2019 and we now have the technology at our disposal to understand how your best patient found your practice and how much it cost to generate that patient. With features such as dynamic number insertion, as well as call tracking and scoring, we can know through which dental marketing channel they arrived.


Understanding these metrics will allow you to make immediate, informed decisions with respect to where you should be spending your marketing budget and what areas of marketing could use improvement. Making quick decisions will improve cost per acquisition, giving you the peace of mind that you are spending your hard-earned marketing dollars where they have the most influence and power … where they will give you the best return on your investment.

For example…

  • If your Google Ads are showing lots of clicks, but a low percentage of calls, you can immediately deduce that you need to improve your website’s landing page.
  • If you are getting calls, but your front-line staff has a low conversion rate (turning calls into appointments), you can quickly make the decision to implement internal training – and fast! Top-performance dental offices answer 95% of inbound calls and convert 75% of those to at least one appointment.Imagine the impact to your production when you consider that a new patient is valued at $5,000 + referrals.

Your marketing has many moving parts – without having the knowledge and the data, how could you ever optimize the campaign and initiate change for better results?

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Is your dental marketing aligned with the Patient Journey?

I have the honor of speaking with hundreds of dentists and dental office managers each year about their marketing. Many are not aware of the Patient Journey – the specific stages each person experiences as a potential patient and as your patient-of-record. This diagram is a comprehensive illustration of each step.

The Patient Journey

  1. Practice Awareness Do prospects know about your dental practice and the services you provide? Word-of-mouth and marketing strategies such as Google Ads and Neighborhood Newsletters will help develop your reputation, keep awareness high, and prospects informed.
  2. Consideration & Research Critical to your success – and therefore a critical step in the patient journey – the patients’ consideration and research will determine your call rate. Is your website ease to navigate on mobile? Are your online listings, such as Yellow Pages and Yelp, updated and in sync with each other? And of great importance, how convincing are your reputation and reviews?
  3. Buying Decision & Conversion At what rate is your practice converting new-patient calls to appointments? Your reception team’s job is persuasion. You must have a frontline team that is trained and engaged in strengthening your reputation and supporting your marketing efforts.
  4. Patient Experience – Every patient needs dental education. They also need to feel connected to your practice; to have loyalty and the confidence to refer friends and family. Marketing strategies, including a neighborhood newsletter and an eNewsletter that are regularly distributed, will solidify your patient-doctor relationship and community reputation even when the patient is not in your chair.
  5. Advocacy & Growth – It’s incredibly important to get your patients-of-record into the “loyalty loop” and keep them there. As community advocates, their referrals strengthen your reputation … they’re invaluable to your practice.

I challenge you to ask yourself what areas of marketing throughout the patient journey does your practice need to innovate and change? How can you improve?

Did you notice how many times I used the word “reputation” in my numbered Patient Journey list above? How is your practice reputation? Because your potential patients do care about it!

Reputation is transparent and can be understood at the click of a mouse. 80-90% of shoppers read reviews (in search engine land) before choosing a service. Are you generating enough positive reviews on an ongoing basis? What is your idea of a positive review – 4.5 stars and above? Are you asking your patients for them? Are you replying to your reviews – both positive ones and negative?

If you haven’t made your reputation a focus, now is the time. And if this all sounds daunting, it really isn’t … because of Review BoosterTM, our enhanced automated reputation management feature in Practice ZEBRATM – Patient News’ advanced and innovative integrated software solution that connects practice and marketing intelligence to improve practice performance at every phase of the patient journey.


How do you generate reviews? It’s all about “the ask.” The old saying is true, if you don’t ask, you won’t get. Before your happy patient leaves the chair, make sure you – the dentist – thanks them for choosing you … and ask them verbally for an online review. This is a great start, however it’s not enough.

You also need a tool that sends a text message and/or an email to your patient asking for the review. Connect with us to help you on this one – Review BoosterTM is simple, fast, and effective. It’s also one way you can innovate and change at your practice to quickly see the results of your great reputation.

Track Key Performance Indicators

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively your practice is achieving key business objectives. Putting together hundreds of different reports is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what data matters. And what to do about it.

Practice ZEBRA™ consolidates your most important data points so that you can drive the operational behaviors you need for growth.


Understanding data to better your marketing efforts can be a tedious task that is overwhelming at times. We know that and have stepped up to make your life easier, so you can do what you do best! In the last few years at Patient News we have innovated our process. Have you?

Practice Zebra is a dashboard that houses the most important data in a simplistic view.  Practice ZEBRA™ gives you convenient access to your numbers. You’ll always know exactly how your practice is trending for patients, new patients, and marketing results. We help you track the right data and ask the right questions.

It’s time that you begin innovating change at your practice and getting ahead of your competitors. Reach out for a free live demo.

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