Is Your Dental Office In the Dark?

Dental Marketing To Stand Out In Your Community

Game of Thrones. Do you love it? Do you watch it? Do you even care? Even if you’re not a fan,  you've probably heard some hot chatter about how dark the last episode was. Consumers complained they couldn’t see what was going on – there was a lot of frustration.

I’m not a big fan, but my family is, so I’m only using this question to ask you if your prospects can see your practice clearly or if, to them you’re figuratively “in the dark.”

So many clients come to Patient News because they feel their practice is in the dark. They want more people in their neighborhood to know that their practice is there! Step one in the patient journey – choosing your dental practice – is AWARENESS.

The feedback from our new-patient dental marketing acquisition campaigns with Practice ZEBRA™ has been incredible! We’d love to have more dentists benefit from it.

Here are just a few highlights of what we can do to help your practice beam bright in your neighborhood:

  • Enhanced market area demographic and online analysis tools ensure your campaigns are relevant to your market, differentiate you from your competitors, and set your practice up for success. We work hard to help you to OWN YOUR COMMUNITY.
  • Extensive neuromarketing research and testing is conducted on every product, ensuring that design and copy engages patients and generates highly qualified new-patient appointments for you.
  • You are an expert in your field, and you need your dental marketing materials to reflect your professionalism. Our expanded team of researchers, writers, and editors help you conquer the challenging task of creating great content that's accurate and reflective of your quality services.
  • Our team is committed to continuing education … Google Partner, Google Analytics Academy, Google Ads Display, Advanced Google Analytics, Facebook Partner, FB Blueprint Certified, MBAs ... to better assist you with the best technologies, strategies, and coaching so your practice achieves your goals.
  • To support your team, we’ve invested significant resources in call tracking, call scoring, and telephone training. Clients are achieving answer rates over 90% and conversion over 75% – not even dreamed of when we introduced scoring five years ago.
  • You also have our all-in-one cloud-based platform, dashboard, and marketing automation tool – Practice ZEBRA™. These tools were developed and are maintained by our world-class CTO Michael Issaev, MSc, and a team of extremely qualified developers. As the only full-service dental marketing agency (online/offline) in North America to have this internal skill set, we’ll set you up for success.

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