It’s 2014, So Maybe It’s Time To Get With The Numbers!

To start with – direct mail is still the only way to reach 100% of your target market. Direct mail delivers the strongest ROI and has one of the most visible and easy ways of tracking results. The Direct Marketing Association confirms that more people read their ad mail today than they did 25 years ago. ROI from Facebook is still very much unproven, like all social media sites, and they can take a huge allocation of human resources – time and content preparation.

On the other hand Facebook can be a great adjunct to your other patient retention activities. Set up is free. You can ask patients to like you through your newsletters and other promotions. One client let me know that they pass around an iPad when patients are in the chair (and a captive audience) as it allows them to easily login and like you on the spot. Add the Facebook link to your website. Get your team involved and post actively.

And have fun!  

We can save you a lot of that Facebook time, effort and hassle. We spent the last year researching what our dentist clients want in support of their Facebook efforts. They want quality content. They want to do it themselves but need a little help. They want a combination of access and control. They want good value and convenience. Our new 2014 Facebook package gives you everything you need. Ask your Account Manager to send you information. Like us on Facebook, let them know, and you’ll receive an extra $100 off your package!

We can even help you set up your page and brand it just like your newsletters. Here’s to a successful and happy 2014!

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