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Developing Great Social Media Content

Anyone with a blog will know how hard it is to come up with new stories every month that you’re passionate about, which are interesting … and that are relevant to your reader.

At Patient News we are passionate and dedicated to dental marketing and advertising, direct marketing, patient education and communication, excellence in customer service, effective business strategies and best practices, team building, ROI, LTV, and helping our clients succeed.  It really is fun and exciting: we love what we do and we’re good at it. We have an awesome team, we’re privately owned and entrepreneurial just like you.  


But … finding inspiration to write the bi-weekly blog isn’t always easy … on the other hand I could talk about my dog “Izzy” every week. She’s a mini-schnauzer and I think she could be a star on the Ellen DeGeneres show – because she’s so smart and she does great tricks!  At Patient News we embrace the power of positive, but Izzy lives positive every moment. It doesn’t matter how you look, if you ignore her, if you’re grumpy, sleepy, or stressed. She gives a cheerful, excited, enthusiastic greeting to everyone. She’s a great snuggler, she’s always game to play, and her tail is in a constant wag state! I think there’s a poem about approaching life like a dog … but without the barking… Imagine how people would react to you…

What I mean is, what if we genuinely greeted people with excitement … kept a positive tone in our voices, offered a big smile, made them the center of our attention … I’m pretty sure life would get a lot more positive.

Alas, a blog needs to be relevant to your audience … well, I do brush Izzy’s teeth … and we have DAWG – dogs at work group – at Patient News.  But here’s my point … writing blogs is hard.

  • What if you could have your core blog content handed to you on a silver platter?
  • With content so good you could just post it every other week?
  • Or content that you could quickly edit to add your personality?  

Now you can! I’m so excited to tell you that we’ve finally packaged up a perfect mix of content for your social media sites! We’ve mapped out a year’s worth of blogs, articles (posts), and exclusive dental cartoons! Same great quality content that you know Patient News for … now developed, packaged, and bundled for easy use on your blog and Facebook site.

You can even supplement the posts with stories and pictures of you and your dogs … but this awesome package just makes your life easier … stress free and positive!

Call your Account Manager to order your own Social Media Package. First come first serve, the packages will be available under a zip code exclusive.

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