Just Keep Doing It … And Doing It … And Doing It

Has dental marketing become sexy?

In Oprah’s life class this weekend, she talked about a guest who rose from a homeless child to become a Harvard graduate. In grade 3, the girl had a clear moment where she recognized the key. For her, at age 8, she saw that if she memorized her times tables she could get to the next level of education. Identifying the “process” unlocked the door for her personal motivation. Oprah said she figured out her success process around the same time in life through a book report.

As a dental professional, you figured this lesson out somewhere along the line. But that’s the thing. Everything is a process. And the older we get, the more we understand that there is progression required for each achievement. To achieve, do we really need to have that aha moment where it clicks … “ah right, if I do this, then I’ll get that,” or can we just wake up and listen to the messages that are constantly presented to us? Clearly it’s not the latter or we’d all be doing what we should to get where we want.

The beauty and fitness industry provides the clearest message. 5,000 times per day we hear about a better-than-botox solution, a health shake to drop pounds, a natural solution to balance hormones … at the same time the reputable industry leaders will remind us there isn’t a miracle weight loss cure – you need to eat right and exercise. There isn’t a magic success pill – you have to walk the walk and work hard. Are we the only thing standing in our way of achievement? Yes we are.

So have you had your aha moment when it comes to dental marketing? Not an event. Definitely a process. There isn’t a one-time campaign that will give you all the results you want. It’s like weight training – it’s something you have to keep doing and doing and doing, over and over again to get it right. You know what it takes to create a successful dental practice: keep your focus; understand your customer’s pain points, needs and wants; focus on what will get the job done; and present yourself professionally through exceptional marketing, quality products and delivery, a great team, and after-service.

You have a job to do and we have a job to do. The effort and focus we put forth now will reap positive results for your long-term success. We’re here to provide you with the simplest and most-effective solutions that allow your marketing campaigns to keep going, over and over again. And, of course, looking great!

If you are having challenges getting the answers you need about dental marketing, wonder if there are more ways to generate new-patient activity, or are curious just how you could enhance patient education and patient-of-record action, by all means, contact our team directly for free advice at any time.

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