Kid’s First Visit Drives Overall Practice Growth

The benefits of your newsletter to your practice are significant. From increased practice awareness, web traffic, and patient calls to an elevated professional reputation and a decrease in patient attrition. Your newsletter sets you apart from the postcard crowd and helps you, your team, and your practice build relationships outside of your practice with that all important decision maker – the female head-of-household.

And speaking of that wonderful woman – here’s how you can book more adult new patients.

It’s really not rocket science … and you might already know it but if not, it’s time to test out a kid's first visit special offer. Moms are busy. They are juggling work, family, parents, kids, car pools, after-school activities, and their own lives, yet they always seem to put their children’s health before their own. Catch her attention with a great kid’s special and you'll have a better chance at attracting her entire family to your practice.

Your newsletter provides the right mix of information and education that women respond to. They want to make good decisions for their families, and when you make it super convenient and attractive … you make it easy for Mom to call you.

As we listen to and score new-patient calls generated from our clients' newsletters we find that a well-priced kid's first visit or special offer helps practices book multiple appointments per new-patient call. Two kids and Mom, Mom & a teen for braces, Dad & three kids … it works.

Ask your Account Manager about crafting a kid’s special offer for your practice that’s specific to your target audience and demographic.

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