Making The Most Of your Dental Newsletter

You’re already spending the time, effort, and resources to create a customized patient or neighborhood newsletter. Turn your team into community ambassadors and encourage them to share copies with friends, family, and neighbors.

I’ve heard dental teams say that they are uncomfortable “selling” dentistry. By providing copies of your dental newsletter for them to share, you’re providing a value-added way for your team to reach out and be comfortable with it.

Your dental newsletter, especially if it’s been prepared by the team at Patient News, is a high-quality, educational representative for your services. It’s not selling (although yes it actually is)! Your newsletter has the capability to make a positive impact on hundreds of people’s lives. That’s one of the “feel good” benefits we experience at Patient News – we’re hitting millions and millions of consumers with solid educational content via dental newsletter campaigns.

Our newsletters are helping you have a healthier business, and your patients have healthier lives. Win-win. Get your team engaged. Help them understand your business goals, how you’re tackling them with a quality educational newsletter, and how they can help your practice grow. Growth for your dental office means job security for them.

Every time someone reads your dental newsletter, they become more aware of the importance of their oral health. They may take steps to improve their own health, and they may share your newsletter with others they know to help them make good decisions for their health.

Providing your team with readily available newsletter copies to take home and share helps them become more engaged with the success of your campaigns. And talk about powerful brand ambassadors – they have their friends’ confidence and trust – so when your team member hands out a copy of your newsletter, they reinforce your expertise in a big way.

According to the 2016 State of Small Business, only a third of small businesses ask staff to share marketing.

That means you have a tremendous opportunity to make your practice stand out in your community (since at least 70% of the other small business dental offices in your area are not doing this). Your team can be your community army to help you generate more new patients – all you have to do is order a few extra copies of every newsletter you produce. Most print houses will offer you a special rate for extra newsletter copies since they come off the press at the same time as the full print run.  Your Account Manager at Patient News can set you up with a steady flow of extra copies.

Get creative:

  • We’ll send you an acrylic stand to display copies at your reception desk; your front desk team can encourage patients to take extra copies home (or to work) to share.
  • Give everyone on your team half a dozen copies of each monthly edition to take with them for friends, family, and any local businesses they deal with.
  • Coffee shops and diners you frequent will often have a spot for reading materials.
  • Give your referring doctors and pharmacies a stand and be proactive with a monthly visit to fill it with fresh copies.
  • Incentivize your team – I guarantee you’ll pull an awesome ROI. Tools, training, and motivation go a long way in building your own advocacy team.

Using your already prepared marketing materials – especially your monthly dental newsletter – to get your dental team engaged and generating tons of new patients and referrals is your low hanging fruit  tip of the day!

Ask your Account Manager to add 50-100 press copies of your newsletter to your monthly order. It’s a no-brainer.

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