Marketing Distinction

Sometimes it’s just not about that single thing that you do that makes you different to consumers; rather it’s ALL that you do that defines your value proposition.

According to Brand Keys 2014 trends, the sales funnel has morphed into a path-to-purchase. Content and value added communications are required in order to create client engagement and profitability. When it comes to dentistry, prospects want and need quality information in order to make good decisions for their families. That’s why newsletters are driving 70% more new patient leads than postcards. 

According to McKinsey, a global consulting firm, the way consumers make purchasing decisions has dramatically altered. They’re comparing online reviews, talking to friends and family and they have an ever-growing list of convenient options once they decide to buy.  Your newsletters allow you to tell the story you want your prospects to learn about your practice. Include your best patient testimonials and share your value and benefits to connect and engage readers. 

What does all this mean when it comes to marketing your business most effectively?
In today’s market, one thing I know for certain is that everyone on the team must act with urgency. Focus. Determination. Passion. Enthusiasm. 

Prospects and patients have too many options for us not to approach every touch point with value. Quality communications like your newsletters launch a positive relationship between your practice and your community. Ensure that the same quality presentation is carried through with your website and customer service policies.  This is one of the biggest gaps we encounter. Listen to your calls and assess training needs. Are you losing many inbound calls to voice mail?  

Here’s a little diversion about customer service and the telephone. Patients have options – they want what they want when they want it. 

Let’s say your practice receives 50 new patient calls per month but 20 of them go to voice mail. Your team converts 45% of live calls. If you improve operationally and WOW patients and prospects with live service (don’t close phone lines at lunch, introduce an afterhours cell phone bonus program) you’d not only differentiate your practice but also add 9 more new patients per month. At ADA averages, that would equal $75,000 in additional annual revenue. It’s worth review on many levels. 

React to what they want – convenience, quality service and good value  and respond efficiently and effectively when they reach out. Brand Keys confirms that consumer expectations have increased by 20% over the last 5 years, and companies are not keeping up, leaving a big gap between what’s wanted and what is being delivered. That equals big opportunity for the practice that wants to stand out. 

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