Marketing Your Dental Practice Using Google My Business

Potential new patients are reaching your dental website differently than they had in the past.

Current trends prove that more than half your traffic is coming from mobile search. That means your Google My Business page is getting more impressions than ever before.

With a well-established, optimized Google My Business page, you will see gains in web traffic, phone calls, and appointments. But only if you have a well-oiled Google My Business page.

Hold on! How does Google My Business work for a dental practice?

If a potential new patient searches for “dentist near me,” a list of dentists will appear in the search results, showing their reviews, address, and location information.


Let’s put ourselves in the patient’s shoes. After finding a list of 3-5 dentists near me, you must make a choice as to which dentist you will call. As there are many factors that come into play, let’s discuss a short list the most important ones:

  • Your reviews
  • Your reviews!
  • You guessed it… YOUR REVIEWS!

People trust reviews more than a personal referral. They look to see how many reviews you have, when the last review was written, and whether or not you are engaging (and therefore engaged with patients).

Google reviews can make or break your dental marketing strategy.

You could be the best dentist in town with the best technology and staff, but if your reviews don’t win against your competition, then you are losing before you even have the chance to win.

Research has proven that most people will agree to writing a great review when asked!

Having difficulty? Your process of getting a review might be creating a wall. The issue we see all too often is that dental practices just don’t ask their loyal, happy patients for reviews.

Do you have a review wall up? Break it down!

Setting Expectations When Building More Reviews

Make sure you are building reviews with intent.

  1. After every patient appointment, a team member must ask for a review. Set the expectation with your team – this is not an option. Use scripting that is prepared in advance and practiced until it comes out smoothly and confidently. If you’re using a review boosting system (see 2. below), let your patient know they will receive a text message or email to remind them.
  2. Use software like Review Booster™ that drives increased response. It sends a text message to your patient after their appointment, reminding them to write a review. Easy to implement. Automatic. No barriers.


Now let’s talk about how you can optimize your Google My Business page and help your practice show up in searches, allowing you to show off those awesome reviews.

There are 3 main elements Google looks at when ranking your Google My Business page. One you can influence and two you can’t...

  1. Relevance: Google has a goal. It’s to provide the viewer – your potential patient – with the best results for their search. To ensure your dental practice is served up, make sure all your listings (Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, RateMD, and literally 100s more…) are synced and up-to-date with your correct business name, address, and phone number, and that you have injected dental keywords into your practice description on listing sites. This may seem overwhelming, but the right marketing partner will take this on, making it easy for you to boost results.

  2. Proximity: Something you cannot control. Google will serve up the closest dental practices to the searcher.

  3. Distinction: Google will rank a business on how “well-known” the business is. How this is determined has many factors. The easiest way to understand distinction is to consider how wide-spread your business is on the internet. The larger your “share of voice,” the more distinction you have. Influencers include: an active Facebook business page, other active social media sites, correct listings (see 1. above), number of recent reviews (weekly is ideal), website visits and continually updated content, and how interactive you are with all possible online avenues connected to your practice.

Wonder How You’ll Do All This And Practice The Dentistry You Love?

With Review Booster™, powered by Patient News, your valuable patients will...

  • be emailed request for an online review
  • enjoy a unique, value-added dental article that is included with your request
  • appreciate engagement with you – you can easily monitor all reviews on all review sites and respond in a timely manner
  • be confident that you are the dental authority they need
  • know you care!

Call us today to talk about your unique practice – no cost and no obligation! – and get the internet working to grow your practice!

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