Marketing Your Dental Practice

Getting your name in the door

Here’s a dental marketing idea if you need to market a dental practice.

Get in the door!

Before you can land a new patient, you need to get yourself a seat at their dinner table.

Spending time researching the household demographics in your area is a critical component of this process. Who is your ideal patient? What is their role in decision-making? What are their top pain-points? Which competitors are also going after these consumers? What are those

competitors offering to lure your prospects (and your existing patients) away?

Always do your homework on your target market.

The most proactive way to get in the door and get your “seat at the table” is direct mail and/or online advertising. 

Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened and 81% of people read or scan their mail daily. In fact, the USPS found that Millennials check their physical mailbox each day and consider going through their direct mail a leisurely activity. Overall, 79% of consumers find reading mail more useful than going online, and almost half keep direct mail for future reference.

Direct mail can be very, very powerful. The key is what you send out. The first goal of your dental marketing mail campaign is to get it opened. To make sure yours stands out from the crowd of pizza postcards, gym flyers, and other dental mailers, you must deliver real value that supports and even transcends your brand message.

Even though direct mail can generate a 70% higher brand recall than digital advertising, it doesn’t mean that your entire marketing budget should go into direct mail. Not at all. A full hybrid of digital and direct mail marketing will get you to the table much faster than a single channel.

WhatTheyThink research shows that almost 60% of consumers who receive direct mail will go online. According to WordStream, the average AdWords search click through rate across all industries is 3.17%, with health and medical landing somewhere in the middle between highest (dating) and lowest (technology). And, per Google, appearing in mobile search ad results can increase brand awareness by 46%.

Direct mail provides you with 100% reach into the homes you want to count as your patients of record. Direct mail builds awareness, and your value-oriented direct mail educates and prompts consumers to look you up online. What they find there can help them move along their journey and call your practice.

You’ve done your homework on the buying preferences of your target market, so include highly customized content featuring your top competitive advantages. Identify the common pain points of your audience and confirm that you have the solutions that can help. And make it easy for them to connect with your practice.

Direct mail and online advertising are both trackable, measurable, and targeted. Combine your marketing tactics with effective tracking and analytics of marketing and practice performance to know your true ROI.

When it comes to the top dental marketing idea … know your facts. Your market area. Your ideal patient. Your competitors. Your production. Your patient value. Your conversion rates. Your call handling success. Your opportunities for growth.

For more information about getting a seat at the dinner tables of the homes around your practice, call today and one of our experienced Marketing Consultants will be happy to set up a FREE consultation.

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