Maximize Insurance. Maximize Revenue.

Don’t miss any more time!

Can you believe the summer is over, kids are back to school and Halloween candy buy-back programs are being planned? Alert! Alert! That also means the end of the calendar year is right around the corner – time is ticking away your easy opportunity to maximize annual revenue.

Did you know that studies have shown that of all dental insurance holders, only 20% maximize their benefits? That’s because most don’t understand how to make the most of their coverage, and without proper guidance, that coverage will be lost to them, and as a result, their business lost to you.

Reminding patients to use their insurance benefits wisely is not only good for patients, it can be great for your practice. The earlier you start educating patients about insurance:

  • the more likely they will accept treatment
  • the more they will be pleased with your customer service
  • the less likely you will have to deal with increased attrition
  • the more likely you will increase your current year billings.

Include various touch points in your campaign. We can help with custom articles in your newsletters by mail and email, insurance insert reminders, reactivation campaigns and postcards - you can work on telephone blitzes to patients that have skipped, delayed or not accepted treatment, add Facebook/website posts, script the team so they have ready-made talking points like …

  • It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end of the year…
  • According to our records, you…
  • We can carefully phase treatment to maximize this year and complete the treatment next year...
  • You may have significant funds in your plan that haven’t been used that you could lose if you don’t act promptly.

Be creative, get together with your team and brainstorm to uncover resourceful ways to help to spread the word. A team meeting may also uncover unease that you’re unaware of … that selling dentistry or promoting insurance use is somehow not the business you’re in. Understanding the importance of insurance, how to use it, why it’s necessary to know what the benefits are and how much healthier patients will be if they use it, both you and your patients win.

At Patient News, most of our top winning campaigns have some mention of insurance. What’s accepted, what’s covered, how it’s processed … insurance gets patients attention. Right now many patients will be confused about end of year coverage and why and how it can and must be used. Maximize your practice production goals by creating a comprehensive campaign using communication from all angles.

For free information about patient communication programs, please contact our experienced team at 888.377.2404. You’ll get live support from Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 6:00pm EST. Messages will be returned promptly, within one business day at most. Here’s to a great year end!

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