The New Dental Patient “Magic Question”

To grow, your dental practice needs more new dental patients and helping to grow your dental practice should be part of the job description of everyone on your team. The fact is, the more new dental hygiene patients your dental office can generate:

  • The more new dental treatments you will diagnose and deliver
  • The more production your hygiene team and dentists will complete
  • The more referral opportunities your practice will receive
  • The more financial security your dental practice will enjoy
  • The more opportunity you and your dental team will have to increase your personal incomes.

When you’re investing in dental marketing to attract more new patients, you must have a team that supports your efforts. You need their engagement in marketing success. Sometimes this just isn’t the case and changes need to be made, but often we find that the people that answer the phones at many dental practices are positive and enthusiastic. They simply haven’t had the training or awareness-building around their role and the key place they play in your dental marketing success. They simply need to be given the training, tools, and expectations for their role. They will deliver for you. 

There is one magic question your front desk team can use to immediately increase your new-patient flow. This question will be asked after successfully greeting the new-patient caller, knowledgably answering the caller’s questions, and booking their new-patient appointment. (This takes effective telephone techniques – get your team to this level with our Phone Power Telephone Training program – included as a bonus with your Marketing Performance Dashboard). Then, add the following script to every call:

Here is your new-patient dental marketing magic question:

“Karen, thank you so much for calling today – we can’t wait to meet you! Before we hang up … let me ask, would you like to book an appointment for anyone else in your family?”

By adding this type of scripting to the end of every successful new-patient call you will see an increase in your new-patient numbers. We see this influence marketing results for other dentists all the time on our Marketing Performance Dashboard. As you know, we listen to every inbound new-patient call and score it for success – we also track how many patients are booked on each successful call.

For clients implementing our Phone Power training combined with our “magic question technique,” we see this:


Versus this:

magic question 2

Even worse … this:

magic question 2

There are many variations to this type of scripting to add to your team’s playbook:

“Dana, while I have you on the phone, may I ask if you have any other family members that you’d like to book today?”

“Sharon, as a special courtesy, and for your convenience, we always keep space open for new patients who want to book an appointment for another family member – may I help you with this today?”

Effective patient scheduling and reserving space each day to accommodate new patients quickly, combined with telephone training, will help your practice increase new-patient appointments. You’re already offering your new patient multiple timeslots to accommodate them. Improve your customer service, increase new-patient satisfaction, and provide a “surprise and delight” experience by adding this script to all your new-patient inquiries.

Your Account Manager can help you and your team with Phone Power training, which includes specific scripts and ideas to improve your new-patient inbound call-conversion rates. In our experience, it’s best when the practice assigns a front desk team lead to work with your Account Manager to review Dashboard results who will then take this feedback and implement further training to increase your overall practice results.

Access our updated Phone Power training kit on your Dashboard and ask your Account Manager to send you our whitepaper “Use These Easy Scripts To Appoint More New Patients”.

We’re here to help you convert more calls into booked appointments. Call anytime. 

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