New Study Proves Direct Mail Drives ACTION

The Most Important Part Of Your Dental Marketing Agenda

You’ll love the science behind A Bias for Action, a brand new major study using neuroscience to determine the decision making processes of consumers. It proves that direct mail rocks it out of the park!

Neuromarketing is the use of brain science (imaging, scanning, and other activity measurements) to determine the impact of marketing on consumer response. The most recently published data is really exciting and confirms that you have made the right decision – your physical patient and neighborhood newsletters are the best way to attract more new patients to your practice and educate existing patients which increases patient lifetime value.

This is the largest study of its kind to date that uses neuroscientific methods and brain mapping techniques to understand emotions, mental processes, and behavior.

The study proved that “direct mail is more action-oriented than digital media because the format stimulates underlying mental processes that guide customer behavior." Two areas of effectiveness were examined – ease of understanding and persuasiveness.

This means that the quicker the marketing message can be absorbed and understood, the more positive the consumer encounter will be – including a better memory of the advertising message. But we must also motivate the consumer with excellent content and a good call-to-action. The study confirmed:

  • Direct mail is easier to understand & more memorable than digital (far higher brand recall)
  • Direct mail is far more persuasive than digital media (motivational response was 4x higher)
  • Direct mail is visually processed in less time than digital media
  • Direct mail is more likely to drive behavior than digital media.

I found it particularly interesting that the report included a note that, as a user of neuromarketing techniques, Frito-Lay learned that to appeal more to women, they needed to avoid guilt-related content and focus on health messaging. It’s likely why our self-mail neighborhood newsletters beat postcards for response. With women making more than 90% of all dental buying decisions, they want good information to make good decisions for their families. The excellent health messaging in your dental newsletters is winning.

Additionally the report noted that for direct mail versus digital, unaided brand recall is 70% higher, direct mail requires less brain power than digital (and consumers prefer the path of least resistance), and direct mail outperforms digital media across all age groups with the highest age category being 30-49 year olds.

In summary the report confirmed that “the research proved that direct mail is more effective at driving behavior” and “taps into deep-seated neurological processes that trigger action.” Direct mail is proven to be your number-one choice to influence consumer behavior and should be an integral component of any solid marketing mix. Remember – Google does a ton of direct mail!

At Patient News we’re continuously researching and testing the best methods in order to consistently increase response to your marketing campaigns – and it is working. Our dental direct mail neighborhood newsletter campaigns are now driving response like we’ve never seen before.

As a PNP client, you recognize two things. Direct mail is the only way to reach 100% of the prospects around your dental practice and not all direct mail is the same. The high-quality educational format of our neighborhood newsletters are proven to generate 70% higher response than postcards plus they elevate your community standing and much much more … however it’s always reassuring to review new research and confirm that the decisions you’re making in order to most-effectively market your dental practice are the best. This study proves it. Direct mail is the most effective marketing choice when it comes to triggering consumer action.

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