How do you track ROI at your practice? We know, it’s tough to do. Your front desk team is busy checking in patients, handling inquiries, doing their reminder calls, keeping the dentist on schedule, checking out patients, and booking next appointments. Who has the time to ask each patient how they heard about your practice and then diligently record it in your practice management software or even on a slip sheet at the desk? So often you’re left to make important marketing decisions based on gut instinct.

Our clients have selected one of the best products for generating new patients from their communities. We’re really proud that our comprehensive acquisition program includes a multi-channel approach with options for a corresponding combination of newsletters, postcards, and email. We’re also proud that they include a high level of customization and personalization, features the use of demographic targeting and female variable data name on each unique mailer (because, as we all know, women make more than 85% of all healthcare buying decisions) … and now we’ve taken it one step further!

We’re really excited to announce our new Call Tracker service which allows clients to see exactly how many potential-patient calls are coming into their practice as a direct result of their PNP marketing program. Now that the recession is lifting and patients are reprioritizing healthcare, it’s more important than ever to reach out to high-quality potential patients. With our Call Tracker service, clients who want to attract higher-caliber new patients who will stay longer, spend more, and refer friends and family can be assured that their marketing dollars are driving the results they want.

With the new Call Tracker program, each practice receives a toll-free number that is published on their newsletter and/or postcard. All incoming calls from this number are tracked, and the practice receives a report of the name of the caller, their address, phone number, time of their call, and the duration of the call. Also, dentists receive the name and phone number for any calls that come into the office after hours so that they can call the potential patient back and welcome them into the practice. The calls can also be recorded to catch missed names or numbers and to identify opportunities for improving front-desk scripting to increase call conversion and appointment bookings. The service, $195 per month, is available for PNP direct-mail clients FREE for their annual campaigns.

We already have proven results demonstrating how our dental marketing breaks through media and is appreciated by current and potential patients when the message is relevant. Now our call tracking opportunity offers even more concrete results, clearly showing the effectiveness of dental patient education and marketing programs.  As we approach 19 years of dental marketing knowledge, we want our clients and prospective clients to know they can trust and rely on our expertise to make their dental marketing campaign easy and extremely successful. Each dental marketing campaign is well-prepared, professional, and expertly targeted to maximize new-patient response. Please ask your Account Manager for details.