PNP Is Officially 21 Years Old!

Now we can drink anywhere

Milestone celebrations always cause you to reflect, hopefully learn from where you’ve been, and look forward to the next stage. PNP launched in 1993 with a two-color four-page patient newsletter. We had two version types to choose from – “contemporary” and “humorous.” (We still have exclusive cartoons as featured in our Facebook content package.) Today we look back on those newsletters with a chuckle, but they worked and they were top quality. Before we had actually put “core values” down on paper, product quality, innovation, and professionalism were part of our commitment.

Our first client was Dr. Paul Piccininni, a private practitioner affiliated with the Toronto Argonauts, Raptors, Maple Leafs, the Grey Cup, Olympic Games, and more. We’ve had many well-known, even famous, clients over the years, and we value their support and trust, just as we value all of our great clients for helping us become who we are today.

It’s exciting that our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is +71 this year. An NPS divides clients into three categories based on a 0-10 ranking: promoters (give us a score of 9-10), passives (7-8), and detractors (0-6). To get your NPS score, remove the passives and subtract detractors from promoters. The average company is said to have an NPS of 5-10. A score of +50 is excellent. Companies with the most efficient growth, like Amazon, TD, Zappos, and Costco run between 50 and 80. PNP’s in that group, and yes we all have room for improvement.

Twenty one years helps you learn a lot about marketing for dentists. You may notice the “tough love” your Account Manager is delivering. We passionately want to share our knowledge with you … so that you receive the best dental marketing advice. The expansion of our direct mail acquisition campaigns to include specific targeting, branding, and demographic customization, along with call tracking, call recording, and now telephone performance grading is allowing us to ensure that your results are moving in a very positive direction with continuous improvement. 

Of course patient newsletters and quality content is at our core. So many clients are recognizing that, after a shift to cut internal marketing spend, a mailed patient newsletter is in fact the most effective way to “close the back door.” Competition is increasing across the country, and those competitors are steadily marketing to your patients of record. A quarterly patient newsletter is yielding at least a 4 to 1 ROI, and that’s making a major positive impact for many clients.  

Digital and social products can be great supportive tools to a patient relationship, so we continue to develop excellent options and solutions for these channels – all based around top-quality content. I’m thrilled with our latest Facebook package; it’s truly unmatched and of the highest quality and value. I wish I had access to such a great stash of Facebook posts. If you don’t have the online library linked to your website, do ask your Account Manager to set that up for you.

In today’s fast-paced information-gathering society, study after study reconfirms that traditional print is the most effective means to market a small business. The majority of consumers – in all age groups – prefer to receive information in the mail. In fact, for a local business, information in a collection of articles (like a newsletter) versus a flyer or postcard is preferred. You’ve made the right choice with your marketing program.

Just like you, we are private business owners. In our 21 years, we’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve always had a positive attitude and have been engaged and enthusiastic about what we do. We’ve worked really hard on our culture and the Fish! Philosophy has been great for us. We’ve been recognized as one of the country’stop 100 employers four times. We have an awesome team that has helped us grow and I’m proud that our average tenure is close to 10 years. Always remember that your Account Manager is an expert. They regularly attend continuing education sessions and review thousands of dental marketing campaigns. If you have any questions about patient acquisitionpatient retentionpatient reactivation, what works, or what doesn’t, ask. They are your 1-on-1 resource and they want to help you.

Here’s to another 21 years for Patient News – Karen, Wayne, and I, along with our entire team, wish you mega success! Here’s to you & PNP – Cheers! 

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