Powerful Social Media Dental Marketing In 2020

Are you on trend? After reading this you will be! In this blog I will be sharing the top social media trends for 2020 and how they will effect your dental practice. At Patient News we study thousands of social media posts and interactions every month and we are very familiar with what is making noise online in the social atmosphere.

It’s 2020, but wait, where are the flying cars and the robots that fly planes? What about the moon vacations!? I guess we haven’t advanced as quickly as we thought in some regards, however, as humans and the way we interact with brands and businesses, we have evolved. Like it or not, social media is the choice of channel for consumer brand interaction. How can you thrive online as a dental practice on social media channels in 2020?

Here Are The Top Trends To Keep In Mind, Specific To Dentistry;

  1. Influencers are here to stay!
  2. Ephemeral Content is an Engagement Powerhouse
  3. Social Media as a Customer Service Tool
  4. Geo Targeting for the Local Business
  5. Personalization is the key to winning engagement

What Is An Influencer And How Can One Help My Dental Practice?

An influencer is a person that has created an engaged audience through social media. People listen to them, like them, watch them daily and most importantly are influenced by them. Some influencers make millions of dollars. A good example would be Jennifer Aniston. She is a celebrity influencer and endorses brands and gets paid for it. No, I am not suggesting you hire a celebrity to endorse your dental practice, however, there are influencers in your backyard that have a micro following of 1000+ that would be happy to endorse you.  Imagine if this person has 1000 loyal, engaged, local followers. You reach out to this person on social media and for the cost of a free teeth whitening service, they come to the practice and video the process of whitening their teeth and share it to their followers, telling them about how great your practice is, how easy the process was.

“Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing” – The Influencer Marketing Hub

This result is low cost and a simple way to get 1000 people to know about you in an engaging format. They start following the practice on Instagram, and book a teeth whitening appointment, all because the influencer told them to.

Tip #1: Find a local influencer (1000 followers +) tell them you would like them to come for a free treatment, cleaning. Ask them to document the process on their story. Have them offer a special to all their followers to book a new patient appointment.

Ephemeral Content

This is content that disappears. A good example of this is snapchat, Instagram stories, Facebook stories. The psychology behind this is there is a term called FOMO that is real! Fear Of Missing Out. Stories work and get engagement because they disappear, people don’t want to miss what you have recorded. You can get creative, post a morning hello, a happy patient, a happy birthday announcement to your hygienist. The goal here is constant updated content. The content doesn’t have to be an event every time. Just the day and the life of a dental practice. Yes! People watch, because of FOMO. Don’t miss out on these engaging moments.

This is evident by the rise in Instagram Stories’ daily active users, as shown below:


Source: Statista

Tip #2: Use Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories to build engagement using the FOMO factor. Be consistent, make it “day in the life” type posts. Be natural, have fun with it!

Social Media As A Customer Service Tool

As mentioned earlier, at Patient News we have access to research on thousands of posts every day by dental practices. We know that patients are using social as a tool for communication. Patients will forward questions, ask for help and book appointments on social. This particular use for social is growing in 2020. Im always surprised to see these requests go unnoticed. Is this your practice? It will be critical in coming years for dental practices to adopt a strategy that answers these patients on social media channels.

Tip #3: Make sure your 2020 strategy includes someone monitoring your social channels daily for comments and requests. Develop a process and rules around this engagement so the team is ready to answer customer service requests.

Geo Targeting For Dental Practices

You have the opportunity to geo target all of your social posts in ads. That means that instead of your ad and post being broadcasted across the internet, the post will only show up to “scrollers” directly in your backyard and community.

A way to tackle this is when you use the “boost post function in Facebook, make sure you are choosing the location function and choosing within 10 miles of your practice. Now you can spend your ad dollars, knowing that you are hitting your community with your brand message. Be strategic with the tools 2020 social media has to offer.

Tip #4: Don’t spray and pray! Geo target your ads to ensure you are targeting the prospects that will become new patients, in your community.

Personalization Is The Key To Winning Engagement

After close analysis from campaigns we saw in 2019 we made a clear cut conclusion. The highest performing posts are driven with an emotional angle and are personalized to your practice. That means you will need to get creative with the camera. Posting on your social channels is two fold, you need highly impactful imagery, educational content and funny interesting posts that cant be created with a camera. These posts speak your brand voice and educate the patient. However, in between these posts it is equally as important to get engagement with practice photos and real-life pictures. Below are some examples of posts you can personalize and get the engagement your practice needs in 2020.

Tip #5:

  • Doctor and patient, thumbs up, big smile
  • Team picture – “Happy Monday from all of us at ABC Dental”
  • Community – Picture setting up for the school information session
  • Family – “Derek just got his braces off and look at that smile!” (Make sure to get a waiver signed by the parent that you can post the picture on social media)


2020 is yet another year where we need to angle our marketing in the social sphere. The eyeballs are here, your marketing tacticts and focus must be.

It’s important to get help from professional marketing partners that can guide your brand and help build the assets for a successful social strategy, however, it is equally as important to have all your ducks in a row inside the practice!

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