Practice Differentiators: Going Above Expectations

“Give me more time and I’ll make it shorter” is a famous quote attributed to David Ogilvy, a copywriter first and a legendary marketer second. Ogilvy and most practices know that every patient wants everything faster, better, and more convenient. At Patient News, we also know that prospective patients are busy, have a lot of difficulty making decisions, and want to see statements that demonstrate value.

Articulating what makes your practice unique, in terms of tangibles, will help deliver a cognitive “trial” to drive the patient decision process, a phone call, and ultimately an appointment. Is the practice unique? Are the technologies unique? Is the practice in an easy-to-reach location? How do you convey excellent customer service and expertise of the dentist?

The challenge that many practices have is that they confuse “discriminators” with “differentiators” in their marketing messaging. Discriminators are what the patient insists on, like quality, convenience, on-time appointments, etc. Differentiators, on the other hand, exceed customer demands and are the unique elements you deliver that are specifically relevant to your target market.

So what sets your practice apart and why should people come to see you for dental care?

One method of coming up with solid answers to these questions is coming up with a list of all the points that make your practice different. You can also think about it in terms of “what patients want your practice to solve” and how can you communicate this. High-quality dental care and clinical excellence are a given and will not distinguish your practice, so don’t go there.

Involve your entire team in this exercise and have them write up their own list. Some practices will even get input from select patients. If you’re a Patient News client, you can draw upon 24+ years of experience, 7,000 unique dental marketing campaigns, and a team of copywriters and experts at your disposal.

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