Sounds AWESOME doesn’t it? Well, more than 80% of Patient News dental clients are in a growth stage! And that feels soooo good! Over the past few years Patient News has invested in and conducted more market research, training and education, and testing than ever in our history. We have applied best practices, industry knowledge, and we have transformed our dental marketing and dental advertising programs, improved marketing results and improved our dentist clients return on investment.

Patient News remains the best dental patient newsletter company around, and now our expanded solutions include the finest – and one-of-its-kind – dental patient acquisition program. I might be slightly biased, but to be a great company you have to have great staff and great clients and we have both. The preliminary numbers are in and I’m also excited to report that more than 80% of our clients increased topline revenue in 2010 AND 2011.

Over 90% plan to renew their PNP programs year over year, and overall 98% are satisfied with their PNP program. Do you know how your patients feel about your practice? Patient surveys can be a very valuable tool and if you haven’t completed one in a while – or ever – then you should put it at the top of your 2012 marketing plan.

Client surveys, in general, can have an extremely positive impact. Just the act of requesting feedback immediately influences customer satisfaction. A survey opens dialogue between your patients and your practice, they can help you identify obstacles that are preventing patients from doing more business with you, they aid you in recognizing opportunities for improvement, and they definitely assist with more informed decision-making processes. From the 100,000-odd patient surveys we’ve conducted on behalf of our dentist clients, we’ve discovered facts you probably know, the question is how to deal with them. Interestingly, in almost all cases, even when they’re quite satisfied with the care they receive, patients do not feel that fees are reasonable or they do not feel that financial options have been explained. Many patients do not feel that practices are concerned with their overall well-being versus just dental health. And if less than 50% of patients say they will refer – even when they rate your customer service great – that’s a HUGE warning. Solution: communicate, communicate, and communicate!

NPS scoring is a loyalty metric and a discipline for using customer feedback utilized by many leading companies worldwide – you may have heard about it from Tony Hseih at Zappos. We launched the NPS scale over a year ago, and since that time our overall NPS scrore has jumped by 10 points! An NPS that is positive (higher than zero) is felt to be good and Patient News is close to 70!! According to the netpromoter website, that puts us in company with NPS leaders for 2011 with a score similar to Costco, Apple Computers and Apple/iPhone – well ahead of other large brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony. With Patient News and a patient survey in your pocket, your practice growth is practically guaranteed! For information about patient communication, patient surveys or patient acquisition, please contact one of our dental marketing experts at 888.377.2404 from Monday to Friday, between 8:30am & 6:00pm EST for a free consultation. You’ll speak to a live person or your call will be returned within one business day.