Ready… Aim… FIRE! Hitting The Bullseye!

Despite the advent of a multitude of marketing channels and promotional programs, direct mail remains one of the most powerful assets in your dental practice marketing arsenal. However, increased competition and more savvy patients have made effective marketing a more-interesting challenge than it has been in the past.

It's challenging to speak directly to ideal potential patients who have grown more skilled at tuning out unwanted noise. Therefore geographic and demographic targeting has become even more important in today’s direct mail marketing world. Instead of sending out mass mailers to nameless prospects, we are much more effective when we spend time and effort developing a focused target and then strategically creating content designed to resonate with the demographic. This investigative effort will ultimately lead to a much higher return on your marketing investment.

For example, research, data analysis, and years of experience have revealed that women make up to 80% of all household health care decisions. Targeting those decision makers, rather than their male counterparts, is likely to produce a much higher conversion rate. Gender, age, lifestyle, life stage, number of individuals in a home, and overall household income are just some of the important details that your practice should include in determining its mailing lists. By directly addressing your area’s demographic group in your postcards or newsletters, you increase visibility, readability, and response.

Research has shown that consumers favor personalized mailers and marketing efforts. A person is much more likely to pick up and open a mailer that is addressed directly to them, instead of a nameless “Occupant.” Marketing to women requires unique talent – when we put in the research, you’ll be able to attract your decision makers so that they respond to your business positively.

Understanding the specific demographic groups that reside around your practice will allow you to craft more specific mailers as well. A special offer that might capture the attention of one group is less likely to be of any interest to another. Taking the time to create content that will resonate with your target market, that makes you the most professional you can, be will pay off with higher conversion rates down the road.

Marketing list segmentation should go hand-in-hand with tracking to determine just what marketing efforts produce the highest conversion rates and returns on investments. Tracking the special offers that convert and updating messaging is critical. This allows you to determine the best dental practice marketing strategy and tactics going forward, eliminating inefficient uses of your promotional budget.

If you haven’t already, ask your Account Manager for a detailed demographic analysis of your market area. You’ll wish you had it when you opened your practice!

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