Reviews Are NOT Important…

…They are CRITICAL to your dental practice marketing

Do you have a strategy in your dental practice to acquire new reviews every day? Recently, Google released a study that explained that 40% of people will not chose your business if you have not received a review in the last 2 weeks! Not only does your practice need lots of reviews, they must be current.

I have the chance to work with dental practices every day and discuss their online presence. We have found that practices with low star ratings will struggle with all other marketing as a result. Your reviews are a key factor in social proof and influence. Reviews aren’t important to your overall strategy, they are critical!

In this blog you will learn:

  • Why reviews are so important
  • How to respond to a negative review

Reviews Create Clicks – The Effects of Reviews On Your SEO

According to Moz’s recent report , 13% of your business’ chance of ranking well  in Google are affected by Google My Business reviews. Google themselves have confirmed that responding to reviews helps SEO (Chatmeter).

More importantly, reviews are important beyond SEO. Research  shows that reviews are a #1 factor when a consumer is looking for a local service. Therefore, you need to care about reviews and be intentional around a strategy to gain more!

Why does Google care about reviews?

Google has a job, and it’s a simple one: to provide the best answers to your questions.

The better the answers and the better the recommendations means you will continue to use Google as an important assistant in your life.

So why does Google care about reviews? Great reviews tell Google that your dental practice is...

  • one they should promote
  • dedicated to client service
  • dedicated to technology.

Why your dental practice should care about Google Reviews?

  • Reviews highly effect your new-patient acquisition numbers
  • You get constant feedback about your practice which can help you grow and succeed
  • Through research, reviews are proven to impact the SEO of your website.

In a recent blog, Napoleoncat said that responding to reviews builds credibility with your patients, but it builds credibility with Google also. In return, you are building your reputation online and winning the Google race, one review at a time!

Online engagement is a two-way street

I’m sure you have heard about the importance of humanizing your business online and making engagement a priority on social media, e.g. tagging people or responding to their comments on Facebook. Engagement is equally relevant on your Google My Business account.

“Research shows that 89% of consumers are willing to change a negative review based on how the business responds (Moz).”

Holy smokes Batman!

That means your practice should never worry about a negative review again. 89% are great odds when considering the risk factor of a negative review. The reality is, you need to be on top of the reviews, responding, reaching out, humanizing your brand online. It’s 2020 folks!

What to do with a negative review: #1 RESPOND!

Do not…

  • Ever blame the patient
  • Turn the blame to another employee
  • Blame the patient for lying or over exaggerating
  • Hide from an apology
  • Hide from accountability
  • Be unprofessional (language, lashing out, etc.)
  • Write a long, defensive response
  • Accuse of illegal action (If it is though, talk to a lawyer. Don’t write a response.)


  • Say sorry. Be accountable!
  • Be empathetic
  • Offer something to make amends
  • Express your caring and commitment to fixing the issue
  • Be truthful and transparent
  • Let the patient know you are open to this type of feedback due to the practice’s commitment to patient care
  • Be short and sweet!

 “Some owners become so skilled at … responses that they deftly transform unhappy customers into brand advocates (Moz)”

Two Simple Key Take-Aways To Build Online Reviews

#1 Use the 2X2 Rule In Your Morning Huddles

Successful practices huddle every morning, setting the tone for the day, motivating the staff to hit goals, getting prepared to run a tight (and smooth) ship, and have fun! Use this time wisely. You can implement a 2X2 rule around reviews and referrals. Look at your practice management software

  • Step 1 – Pick two patients who would be perfect candidates to write a raving review for your practice.
  • Step 2 – Pick two patients who would give you one referral each.
  • Step 3 – Assign each patient to a team member (can be one person, two, three, or four) to ask for what you want. They must be intentional.
  • Step 4 – Reward team members who gets a “win” … when a review is posted or a referral attends their first appointment.

#2 Use Keywords When Responding To Reviews

Google My Business is just as powerful as your website. In some instances, the traffic is higher, so again, it’s critical to look at all aspects of the platform and take advantage.

When responding to a positive or negative review, use keywords. For example, “Thank you Bob for the kind words! As a dentist in ABC Town, I am always happy to hear from great patients like you!”

The key word “dentist in ABC Town” will help Google recognize your review listing when people are searching for a dentist in ABC Town.

Another key area of the Google My Business listing is the questions and answers section. Savvy business owners take advantage of this by offering Q&A to help patients when they research your practice. Remember, use keywords and help that local listing rank when your new patients are looking for their new dentist!


Final Thoughts:

Well there you have it! Reviews are critical to practice success. Not just a nice to have anymore!

Top To-Dos:

  1. Claim and manage your Google My Business profile
  2. Respond to every review you have
  3. Post keyword-rich questions and answers on Google Q&A to optimize your page for local SEO.
  4. Use the 2X2 review/referral practice.

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