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As a leading dental marketing provider, we work very hard to make our clients’ user experience the best it can be.

That’s why we developed and launched an online proofing portal in 2017. We recognized that we (PNP and our clients),  needed a better way to communicate back and forth for marketing mockups, proof presentations, and approvals – whether a neighborhood or patient newsletter, practice logo, dental website, office brochure, email blast, patient survey … even a referral card! We needed clearer and more organized communications.

Our proofing portal streamlines campaign management processes by enabling your Account Manager to send all campaign proofs to you in one single location. Once there, you can quickly type in your comments with ease, and the moment you click your comments through, your Account Manager is alerted. This speeds up our internal processes so that we can turn projects around quickly, making your campaigns live and in market faster – in front of your patients and prospective new patients where you want them!

You can quickly type in your comments with ease, and the moment you click your comments through, your Account Manager is alerted.

Talk about being much more organized for tracking and follow up! The new proofing portal means you don’t have to waste time tracking down emails and attachments. Our group practice managers especially appreciate this. I’m sure everyone can imagine what it’s like having to manage multiple projects, with multiple stakeholders, and multiple deadlines. It’s like you dealing with two kids who need braces, only one wants them, and then the Dad has to speak to the Mom and then maybe a grandparent is involved with a co-pay! These multi-tasking group marketing manager “miracle workers” must coordinate multiple emails, attachments, and communications with their various executive and regional and practice managers, collecting all of the various comments and feedback and organizing it to go back to their Account Manager.

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Now office managers, marketing managers, and dentists can share drafts with multiple team members to markup, annotate, and then instantly submit feedback to your Account Manager – anytime. All comments are in one place, making your marketing life so much easier.

Not only has the tool eliminated manual steps for you, but it’s also helped clarify communications between us. Now that you type in comments for each section of your marketing piece, no longer do we have to interpret chicken-scratch comments on a scanned proof (if you know what I mean, you’ll understand how great this is)! This communication improvement has increased productivity significantly for all of us because it's simple, fast – and super clear.

Using our new proofing portal is straightforward and easy. If you haven’t seen it yet, your Account Manager will provide a demonstration at your first proof review, with easy-to-follow instructions – and as always, ask your Account Manager if you have any questions.

Here’s to making your dental marketing life more productive in 2018!

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