Shaping Your Business For Success in 2015 & Beyond

Happy New Year! To make 2015 more successful and to set yourself up for continuous growth, it’s important to take the pulse of your key performance metrics, review your existing processes, and identify areas for opportunity.

The Key Performance Metrics
There are 3-6 key metrics that you should have your eyes on…

  • Topline Revenue
  • Total Active Patients (last 24 months)
  • Total New Patients
  • Total Web Visits
  • Total Patient Reactivations
  • Total Patient Referrals

The Processes
Marketing content and frequency and team training are top priorities …

In an always connected, always communicating world it’s now imperative to embrace the concept of continuous and timed monthly communications to prospective patients. For better performance and better results allow your Account Manager to take the reins. They will ensure that your marketing content hits the mark with your target audience and they will keep your monthly program on schedule.

For better internal marketing performance and results focus on team training. Ensure that every patient interaction is a positive one from direct mail to phone call to in office visit. Every new patient should leave the first appointment with a recall booked. These patients will opt for elective services within 12-36 months of their first visit so make sure they are engaged with both online and offline communications.

Areas of Opportunity
Cover your bases, listen to the market research and strengthen your team

Every marketing plan should have a focus on both acquisition AND retention (and reactivation). Your target audience, the female head of household, is looking further than discounted advertising; they want more reasons to choose a brand. Is your marketing helping you stand out? Telephone performance training is an ongoing process that offers most dentists an opportunity to increase revenue. Every individual wants to contribute, improve and maximize their potential. Call your Account Manager for ways to continue to improve the ease of use and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Take advantage of our predictive knowledge to maximize the growth of your practice, and as always, remember that our dental marketing experts are available for free unlimited business marketing support.

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