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Only 20% of businesses will surpass 20 years

The thing about being a dental marketing company – a dental marketing company with a BIG focus on relationship marketing content – is that you need to be an expert in business, an expert in customer service, an expert in dentistry, an expert in sales and marketing, an expert in consumer marketing specific to the dental healthcare industry, and an expert in dental practice performance metrics.

That’s a lot of stuff – and the team at Patient News is doing it ALL because we are really passionate about dental marketing! We love our dentist clients, their teams, and our contacts. And we love our company. I’m so proud of how dedicated to company, client, and community everyone on our team truly is. And we all get super excited by helping our dentists stand out and grow.

I think that’s why we’re approaching our 25th year in the dental marketing business. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just a third of companies make it to their 10th anniversary and only 20% make it past 20 years. That means that the older you get, the better you get, and the more trusted and reliable you become to your clients.

That’s why you have chosen Patient News. We didn’t just pop up last year because we had a round of funding. We’ve grown with a solid team of dental marketing experts and a solid base of dental clients. We’ve grown by offering superior service. We’ve grown by always ensuring quality and, at the end of the day, delivering results for our dentists.

Patient News is older than Google (1998), Facebook (2004) … even Amazon (1995). That’s because we have worked hard to become a great dental marketing company.


Over the past 25 years we’ve worked with thousands of dentists like you, and I’m truly confident that every one of them, whether working with us now or not, whether they got exactly the results they wanted or not, would say that Patient News is a great company. We’ve always taken the high road. We’ve always worked hard. Our team of dental marketers remains dedicated to continuous learning and to providing our clients with stellar customer service. In fact, we made service one of our top two core values when we set those out in the year 2000 (can you hear the anthem … “in the year 2000” … that seems so long ago, but we were a 7-year-old company at that time OMG!). And I’m also pretty sure that Karen, Wayne, and I have not aged at the same pace as our company!

Millions of dental marketing campaigns have helped us hone a system for our dentists that is proven and reliable.

With 25 years under our belts, it also means we’ve learned a lot about dentists, dental marketing, and dental patients. Millions of dental marketing campaigns have helped us hone a system for our dentists that is proven and reliable. Now our dentists trust their account managers to make the right marketing decisions for them and the results are astounding and just keep getting better.

What else makes a great dental marketing company? Great dental clients who were, and are, dedicated to providing exceptional value to their patients. Dentists who want to train their teams, to better their practices, to educate patients, and grow their businesses. Dentists and their teams who want to help their patients and communities improve their oral and overall health and are themselves dedicated to superior service and continuous learning.

As we approach 2018 and our 25th anniversary, I can only imagine the fun memories we will share with you on our path to becoming the most awesome dental marketing company. At this stage in our company’s evolution, you may think we would relax, but we are not. We are researching, training, learning, investing, expanding, and improving the business intelligence and analytics we bring to our clients with a determination like never before – and we are growing and we want to grow more. With growth comes more investment in dental marketing products and services that will help you make better business decisions and build and strengthen your patient relationships.

So, if your dental practice is past the 10-year mark or if you’re approaching 20 years, just know you’re rocking it – way to go! Withstanding the test of time in business is no easy task, and dentistry is tough – but it is rewarding. Like you, we’re also entrepreneurs and we don’t have a board to say WAY TO GO. So, the team at Patient News sends you a high five on your accomplishments! Thank you for choosing us as your dental marketing partner.

Holla! Go ahead – help us grow … refer your colleagues! Ask your Account Manager how you can save thousands on your dental marketing programs and how you can enter to win a $10,000 Caribbean Cruise. It’s all happening now at Patient News … your STAND OUT dental marketing company!

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