Study Reveals: Newsletters Crush Postcards With 70% Higher Response

The 8-month study pitting newsletters against postcards touched more than 6,000,000 consumers and proved that newsletters generate significantly higher response than postcards. The head-to-head battles were conducted in 300 unique demographic target markets across the nation. The study proved that overall newsletters generate a higher response than postcards. Using unbiased third-party tracking, the extensive research study proved that, on average, newsletters drive 17 calls for every 10 generated from a postcard.

It helps build relationships outside of the practice.
With the rise of static mailers and promotional postcards, newsletters are hitting the mark for dentists. And it really isn’t surprising. Dentists aren’t selling “stuff” and therefore consumers are responding to the more professional presentation. They appreciate the value added content. A customized newsletter campaign is like a strong PR campaign – it helps build relationships outside of the practice. It allows cautious consumers to consider, learn, and build trust over time.

92% of healthcare decisions are made by women.
This influential group wants high-quality educational information to make good decisions for their families. And it’s not about an age demographic. People of all ages prefer to learn about business via postal mail rather than online sources.  In fact, 73% of people prefer to get information about a business in a collection of articles (like a newsletter) rather than in a traditional ad.

Other key findings:
The study targeted the same consumer group in each market using newsletters and postcards. In most markets, the high-quality customized branded newsletter generated 70% more response than the postcard.

  • 98% of top campaigns used a newsletter
  • 70% of newsletter users received higher-than-anticipated response vs 55% of postcard users
  • Overall, Patient News campaigns generated close to double expected response.

Refined, tested, and proven.
According to the DMA, nearly two-thirds of all consumers bought something as a result of a direct mail piece last year. However, make no mistake… Not any old mailer will result in positive response. Our process has been refined, tested, and proven. Every aspect from demographics, content development, to print quality has been addressed. Success criteria have been identified and every market must be evaluated. Deviation from recommendations will impact response.

More predictable at driving a better ROI.
Patient News has made many advances over the years, making the acquisition program more measurable. This in turn has made the system far more predictable at driving a better overall ROI. While newsletters, on average, are showing a 70% better response rate when compared to postcards, postcards have been effective in some markets. Campaigns that use both a newsletter and postcard to maintain frequency have been very effective in building overall practice awareness. Our top-quality postcards are also very effective for advertising campaigns.

You are the dentist of choice. 
Timing a direct mail campaign can be challenging. Having your piece arrive in the home the moment a prospective patient needs or wants your service is very difficult, therefore a key marketing objective is to maintain a level of awareness so that your services are front-of-mind when that patient is ready. In fact, an educational newsletter can readily assist consumers in understanding why they need your service and why you are the dentist of choice. Finding ways to keep in touch without being too promotional is a delicate balancing act for a dentist, and one of the most strategic ways to “be there” in a positive way is to send a monthly newsletter. It will drive traffic to your website and allow you to share your expertise and unique value proposition.

Quality, meaningful information.
By choosing Patient News, you’re ensuring that your target audience is receiving a superior presentation that will further establish you as an authority in your field. Your newsletter sets you apart in your community, because rather than an obvious promotion, it builds trust and credibility, and your postcard reminds folks to call. A monthly newsletter provides quality information in a way that is meaningful. They become anticipated and appreciated. And in the sea of flyers, postcards, and promo items, newsletters create a unique visibility ensuring that your audience feels connected to you.

Your Account Manager will review your individual results with you to determine the best course of action for your new patient generation campaigns.

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