Three Critical Ways to Amp Up Your Dental Marketing

New patient marketing is no easy chore and one of the biggest challenges many dental offices face is accountability in the practice, and getting everyone to recognize the reality of their marketplace and their offering.

So what are the goals of the practice? More new dental patients and increased revenue? In order to amp up new patient results, we must first understand the market location and all practice barriers. Those pieces of business intelligence will determine the amount of marketing required based on the geographic environment, demographics and competitive ratio.

A practice owner must know all of their metrics, invest in the right amount of marketing, and communicate their vision and goals to the team. The team must be engaged, ready to train and continuously work on how they can contribute to the success of the practice.

Dental patients are fickle beings and they don’t really want to go to the dentist. You know the stats. 50% of adults avoid seeing the dentist and the 50% that do are not very loyal. They’re coming in less than they should and many dental practices are not making it easier for these folks to visit – in fact they’re making it easier for patients to leave and choose another practitioner … are you the practice they leave or the one they choose?

Every dental practice needs to provide an excellent experience from first contact through last. If a practice has any level of competition, (and most do) that means they need to be available when a dental patient decides they have a need.

Here are three tips every successful dentist abides by:

  • Answer the phone live! Every time. Do not let a phone call go to voice mail. It’s so frustrating to see dentist owners investing in marketing and then pulling their hair out because they’re not getting enough new patients but … it’s not the marketing … it’s call handling. Our ambitious clients have a team that understands the importance of answering a call on first ring, offering excellent customer service, and booking the patient in ASAP.
  • Change hours of coverage. Having phones answered until the office closes at 4:00 pm is not good enough. Patients and prospects are at work; just like us, they can’t make personal phone calls for personal needs until after work. Have calls answered live from 7am-7pm and Saturday mornings.
  • Adjust hours of operation. Think of yourself and your team. Can you organize a professional appointment during the workday? Probably not. Those events must happen after work or on weekends. Open until 7:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm and promote those hours BIG TIME!

Meeting the needs of today’s consumer is all about convenience. We need to make it easy for folks to find us, and to do business with us. If you’re running a neighborhood newsletter dental direct mail campaign to attract more new patients to your practice, you have access to all of these metrics via your Account Manager and your PNP Dashboard. If you’re not sure how your practice is doing, call your Account Manager. They’ll be happy to review your practice performance metrics, run a full analysis of your patient base and market area, and make recommendations to help your practice STAND OUT and grow.

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