Tips To Make Your Dental Marketing Efforts Soar

Sometimes the things right in front of our face are the things we miss. We’re so used to our daily routines that we can get complacent about our expectations and results.

This is so very true when it comes to our marketing results. Improving marketing results doesn’t have to be super expensive or difficult. In fact, by tweaking some of your existing campaigns and processes, you can make a huge impact on results and production.

1. Know your competing dentists. Know what they’re offering new patients. You need this knowledge so that your campaigns can be as effective as possible.

It’s not about “having” to offer something free. It’s about being competitive. 

Your patients, and the prospective patients you want to attract, are receiving significant offers from other dentists all the time. Knowing what you’re up against, and what you need to do to beat it, is key. It always surprises me when we onboard a new client – they know who their top competitors are, but they have no idea what they’re offering new patients. 

  • Get your staff who live in the area to bring in every competitive dental newsletter, postcard, and flyer.
  • Check out your competitors’ websites regularly.
  • Monitor their social media posts. You need this intel.

2. Know who you are and make sure every staff member can quote your value prop concisely. 

If you asked everyone on your team today why new patients should choose your practice, I’ll bet you’ll get 10 different answers. You need to nail down your unique value proposition and make sure everyone on your team knows it. This will allow you to be consistent with messaging and branding. 

Patients need to recognize your practice wherever they see or hear about you. In office, signage, direct mail, phone, email, and online. This will help you build practice ambassadors in your patient base. With your value prop so engrained in everything, patients will be able to tell their friends and family about your key advantages with ease. 

3. Know your metrics. You need to understand exactly where you’re winning and where you can improve. You might think you want to implement email and text reminders, but you only have 50% of your guarantor email addresses. (We had a client who knew their large patient count and who was bent on email marketing to save dollars … yet they were missing 87%!) With a 35% open rate, that means you’d be hitting less than 20% of your patient base. That’s just one tiny metric that we can help you uncover. 

4. Know your new-patient metrics. For most practices, a new patient is significantly more valuable to the practice in year one than all other years. Focus on new-patient growth for increased production and profitability. 

5. Know your call metrics. If you’re like other dental offices, your front team is probably missing 20-50% of your inbound new-patient calls – through no fault of their own. There may be a simple operational change you can make or training you can implement.

6. Know your conversion metrics. Most office teams do a great job of answering phones with courtesy and answering basic new-patient questions – but front desk teams are not trained sales reps who know to ask for the deal. They should be. There are specific tips and techniques that will improve your call conversion metrics. 

7. Update your website. Change is hard, but you must face it. A fast responsive website will increase your new-patient flow. It will improve your brand reputation. At least ten 4+ star good reviews are needed. It’s time to focus on your online presence. If you’re like many dentists, you know you need to put this on your to-do list. 

With good reporting insights and some solid proven dental marketing ideas, you can significantly increase practice production and profitability – and pretty quickly. 

Your Account Manager is standing by to help you understand your metrics (Ask about a free MPD Pro trial!), understand your competitive market (Ask about a free competitor update!), understand your online presence (Ask about a free web audit!).

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