The Ultimate Social Media Checklist For Dentists

Would you like it if your social media presence helped your practice generate new patients?

Every strategy requires a plan, but who has time to write a long-winded yearly social media calendar? Now you can plan each post strategically with a quick scannable checklist. Read my blog first to learn how to best use the checklist, then dominate your market with a social strategy that wins! 

What you will learn in this blog:

  • What is the best time to post on social media?
  • How often should you post on social media?
  • Who do you target on social media?
  • PLUS AN AMAZING DENTAL MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA CHECKLIST DOWNLOAD BONUS: Stay on strategy and win online using social media! Use this cheat sheet checklist in your daily social media workflow. 

Before I jump into the checklist, you should understand why your practice is using social media. Do you have a goal?

Your goal of social media for your dental practice:

Social media will help my practice develop positive brand awareness, will educate and retain my current patients, and engage new patients.

THE BASICS – What time? How often?

As social channels like Facebook prioritize “fresh” content, post at least once per week and no more than 5. Studies have shown that posting more than 5 times per week can drop conversion (overloading your fan base) and if you post more than once per day, the first post can cannibalize the second post.

More posts won't bring you success. Engaging, relevant content will. The sweet spot is 1 to 3 posts per week of ENGAGING CONTENT.

A study by HubSpot explains that posting on a Sunday will get slightly more engagement, and as the focus should be on the content, don’t worry about the time of day.

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A strategy needs a plan. We’ve nailed down how many times per week you will post, now let’s decide who to target.

There are 182 million people over the age of 25 who spend on average 40 minutes per day using Facebook. The US population is 325 million which means 56% of the population is using Facebook, making it the most popular social media network!

So how does your practice cut through the noise and turn Facebook scrollers into new patients? That’s a loaded question. Let’s make it as simple as possible.

There are 5 stages to the social media journey. Each stage plays an important role in the conversion funnel.


Below we have charted out the journey with goals and examples. This will help your practice understand who to target and how.


This blog is a gift that keeps giving! Print out the checklist, laminate it, and refer to it often!


Here’s to happy posting and a sound dental marketing social media strategy! At Patient News, we help dental practices like yours STAND OUT online every day. If you would like help with your social media strategy, reach out to us. We can start with a FREE CONSULTATION.

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