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Relationships … Content … Fun!

It’s time to focus on customer Relationships. OMG & LOL … I love our clients. By working with us, you obviously already totally get this. I talked to a client yesterday that has been sending their quarterly patient newsletter since 1998. They’re a conservative practice and I bet they aren’t following the latest trends … they just know and have known for years intrinsically that keeping a bond between them and their patients through quality communication, education, and even a little bit of entertainment is the right thing to do.

This week’s post on Forbes by Steve Olenski, a contributing writer for advertising and marketing etc., put an interesting twist on a lot of great advice for marketing for 2014. He asked contributors (from successful CEOs to Marketing Managers) to pick a song title, lyric, movie title, or quote to describe where they see marketing going in 2014. I’d recommend it as a good read. It’s fun and there is a lot of interesting and varied advice. The constant is: focus on our customer experience. I’ve included the link below.

Customer expectations have evolved … we’ve seen it in dentistry. Competition is fierce and customer perceptions are hard to break through. We have taken our product and service offering to a whole new level to ensure we break through those barriers and differentiate your practice from the pack.

Customers want more than a tag line; they want our service promise to be part of the core of our business. Customers are self-educating so we have to help them make the right buying decisions by providing the right content at the right time. From campaign creation to call conversion, your Account Managers are dedicated to helping you deliver on all fronts.

Probably the most relevant to dentistry, and what we’re working hard to do for you here at Patient News, was said by Randall Rozin in reference to a line by Rhett Butler, “You should be kissed … and often … and by someone who knows how.” Mmm gotta like that one! He states “Products reach parity faster than ever. Real lasting sustainable advantage comes from creating real differentiation at the service level to constantly ‘kiss’ the customer at relevant touch points between their needs and your brand.”

While companies are all talking about how important delivering amazingly useful and entertaining content is … you’re already ahead of the game. That’s what your newsletters are doing … that’s what our amazing new facebook content package is all about … that’s why you are winning in your market. It’s the new “return on relationship” marketplace.

I like the quote by Rich Romig (Harte-Hanks marketing): “The less prepared will reveal themselves to be … less prepared, and will spend another sizable chunk of the year playing catch-up.” If you feel you’re still slightly unprepared – do immediately book a business review meeting with your Account Manager to discuss your current challenges and your goals for 2014. She has extensive information at their fingertips that they would be pleased to provide to help you be even more successful in 2014.

Ted Rubin reinforces, “Communication and relationship building are the keys that will set your brand apart, add value, and lead to trust and loyalty. The brands who wake up and take advantage of these opportunities, instead of looking at social as just another place to advertise, will increase the lifetime value of their customers.”

I really encourage you to set aside time to talk to your Account Manager. She has many ways they can help you create and share great content with patients and prospective patients – content that will differentiate your practice. And she can make it easy for you.

To wrap this all up, I’ll remind you of something Dirty Harry said… “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” Oh Harry, you were such a tough guy … and yes, luck can have something to do with it, but to really blow away last year’s numbers, it takes a plan and support. You’ve got it with Patient News.

Ask your Account Manager to help you with:

Patient News has been building relationships and getting results for dentists like you since 1993. Tap into our 20 years and 100 million campaign experiences with any business advertising or marketing dilemma you have. Your Account Manager would be pleased to schedule a conference call for you with our executive support.

Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season! Best wishes from everyone on your PNP team!

Here’s the link to the Forbes' 2014 Marketing Predictions With A Twist article. Enjoy!

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