What Is Keeping Dentists Awake At Night?

Honestly, I’m not sure if any business manager/owner is actually getting any sleep these days, but this headline caught my attention because I never sleep well.

I look at that Fitbit sleep app every morning, watch that blue and red bar grow, and wonder if I’ll ever achieve more deep sleep than awake time! Argh … those red bars!

How about you? What is keeping you up at night?

A national research study surveyed over 400 dental professionals and uncovered a few primary concerns – you might relate: corporate dentistry, competition, and low insurance reimbursement.

  1. Corporate dentistry is a thing, but it’s more than “corporate” we hear dentists worrying about. It’s also the smaller groups that are gathering to have more visibility, better buying power, improved systems and training, and broader services. It’s more practices doing dental marketing and advertising, and more attractive competing offers. Are you sensing a change in your market and a dip in new-patient visits?
  2. Competition is on the rise for many reasons, and consumers are becoming more and more savvy and picky about their choices. It’s not necessarily that you have more dental offices in your community, but more are beginning to work hard at building awareness for their practices, and consumers are therefore doing more research before making a decision to choose a practice in the first place, or to return.
  3. Insurance reimbursement. Not new. Since we entered dentistry 27 years ago, this has been a grumble. Many dentists want to drop one or two insurances, step out of plan, or go fee-for-service altogether. There are negotiation services that can assist, and the rise of inhouse dental member plans also provides a great option to increase income. These can be super-easy to DIY; you can check out Dr. Christopher Phelps’ How To Grow Your Dental Membership Plan at his website www.drphelpshelps.com/services.

So, if corporate or group dentistry is a worry, if competition is a worry, if insurance is a worry, what can you do?

  • You can do nothing, BUT then you risk losing patients, reducing production, and having to lay off staff.
  • You can invest in market awareness and ensure you own your backyard.
  • You can invest in patient retention campaigns to ensure that YOUR patients that you worked hard to attract in the first place, (a) are connected (i.e. scheduled) to your practice, and (b) that you’re providing an exceptional experience when they’re in or out of your office.
  • You can analyze your patients and production streams by insurance type … where IS the production, which insurances are connected to the most patients, and what is your best strategy based on the data?

Still tossing and turning? My team can help you calm these concerns by helping your practice proactively take steps to mitigate these challenges. Imagine how great it would be to know that you were on top of your market, on top of the competition, and had a healthy flow of new patients coming in!

Another question? How would you like to add over $150,000 to your annual production in the next four weeks? That’s what our client Lifetime Dental did. You can have that too.

Practice ZEBRA™ can help you first clearly understand what’s happening with your practice trends, production, new-patient flow, scheduling, AND INSURANCE … determine where your top patients live and your overall market share so that your dental marketing efforts are highly targeted for superior results. We can help you stay connected to patients with scheduling data and value-added retention campaigns.

All at the flick of a button. You’ll be sleeping easy knowing that so many aspects of your practice have been taken care of for you.

Sign up for a refreshed consultation to talk about where you’re at … as we head into the summer months you might be thinking of waiting … but more waiting and indecision will lead to a longer lead time to ramp up out of a flatline.

You might have heard other dentists call September “Sucktember.” They do that because they let summer slide by without being proactive, and then they all have a sucky September. Act now, secure your practice, and we’ll help you enjoy your summer nights knowing that September will have a full schedule!

Okay, since I got silly with Sucktember, here’s more fun stuff… There are many foods you can eat to help you get a better night sleep as I’m sure you know. Almonds are an excellent source of magnesium, about a handful should do. Of course, chamomile tea is on the list… Personally I enjoy “Sleepytime” tea by Celestial Seasonings. Here’s to a great night’s sleep!

Book your consultation now … it’s free, you have nothing to lose but 20 minutes, and you have hundreds of thousands to gain.

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And, we’ll help you update your patient records by keeping you on top of the patients you don’t have email or cell numbers for. It’s a win-win … book now.

Thanks, have a great day! (And a great night’s sleep – I promise!)

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