What Reality TV Tells You About Your Dental Marketing Plan

Are you a reality TV fan? Even if you’re an avoider, chances are you may have gotten caught up in at least one season of Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Voice, Big Brother, Got Talent … the Bachelor … the list goes on! LOL!

The thing is, even if we don’t want to, once we catch a glance or two of the people involved, once we get to know them just a little, somehow we are drawn into their stories and want to tune back in to see what happens. We become engaged.

And that’s just what happens to your dental marketing campaigns when they follow a proven process combining tangible elements, facts, and connection. Like the last reality program you got caught up in, the people who live in the homes that surround your practice get caught up in your newsletter every month. They want to know how to live healthier lives. They want to make good choices for their family’s dental health. They love your recipes! Canada Post recently completed some of the most extensive neuromarketing research studies ever conducted and they found that the coming-home ritual carries such positive associations with mail that it makes us more open to its messaging. 

So yes, direct mail really works, some formats much better than others. The newsletter format is proven to be twice as effective at engaging readers as a postcard or static mailer. When you keep your name present and help prospects get to know you a little bit better each month, you build awareness, trust in your name, and perceived quality of your services. This is the engagement that makes reality TV a hit … and will make your practice “the” practice in your neighborhood.

But with today’s market complexity, Canada Post reports that a more intelligent approach composed of 3 essential elements – physicality, data, and connectivity – is required. Physical evokes emotion for a more impactful message. Data enables precise targeting. Connectivity amplifies your marketing mix to deliver maximum results.

You get all of that with Patient News. Carefully crafted formulas trigger a positive response from your target audience. We use data before we start – and throughout – your campaigns to ensure your marketing programs are on target and driving the desired result. We connect your campaigns to your practice, connect your audience with your practice, and drive more traffic to your phone, your website, and your door. We connect the dots for your team to see how they can improve call conversion so that your practice realizes maximum return on investment.

All activities and communications related to patient awareness and knowledge of your practice will determine your marketing success. Talk to your Account Manager about your practice vision and ensure that your marketing campaigns and team training focuses on achieving your goals and supporting and enhancing your brand value. We can help. And that’s … well … that’s reality.

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