What Successful People Do

Years ago, Karen and I saw Dr. Phil live at Discus Dental’s Extravaganza event – it was 2005. I didn’t go into the seminar as a fan, so I was surprised to come away with a certain respect for Dr. Phil. If nothing else, he is a straight shooter. His post on O of what successful people do is a good lesson, whether we apply it to ourselves or to the way we market our companies … yes, I tied it into dental marketing!

Here are Dr. Phil’s 5 Rules of Successful People

  1. People who are successful are able to see what success is. They are able to define it in their mind’s eye.
  2. People who are successful have a strategy from getting where they are to that success. The difference between goals and dreams is a timeline. “Someday” is not a day of the week. You have to work for what you want; not for what you don’t want – and I mean every day.
  3. The defining characteristic of every successful person I’ve seen: they have passion.
  4. The universe rewards action. Successful people take action towards a known outcome. You can’t think about it. You have to do it – and you don’t do it for a week or a month. You do it until. Until you get what you want.
  5. Winners do things losers don’t want to do. Winners are willing to take a risk – they’re not reckless, but they’re willing to take a risk. And the biggest risk of all is admitting that what you have is not what you want.

 By choosing to work with Patient News, you’ve launched a very strong marketing strategy. We’re working towards what you want, we have passion about what we’re doing for you, and we’re making sure we take action even when you’re too busy. The big lesson above is “doing it until” … just like working towards that marathon, or towards retirement, your marketing plan needs to function long-term … because in business we never really get to that happy place where we can stop marketing. And sometimes you have to take a risk. Invest to your max budget in your marketing plan for both internal and external communications, stick with it, do it until it starts to work, and once it’s working, don’t stop.

Short but impactful lessons to consider for ourselves and our business plans.

And Dr. Bill (Dorfman) … Karen and I do really miss those Extravaganza events. They were the best – thank you!

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